Friday, July 18, 2014

7 Quick Takes- In which I get cranky for a hot second, but recover

My computer is still being a little funny about using the Quick Take Template...BUT, I'm gonna give it a go anyway. Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting!

I wrote this post about the state of our family this week.  It was good to write.  I just wanted to clarify something...I'm not really mad at moms who said it was easier to have three than one. I was kind of just kidding about that.  For me, it was much more difficult each time I have added a child and that could be for several reasons.  My mom always said, for her, the transition from 1 to 2 was looney bins.  So, anyway, everyone's story is sacred...I get it!

Oh you guys. YOU. GUYS.  I actually cannot handle the ignorant statements people are making about the unrest in the Holy Land.  It is important one educates themselves before making bold claims about things they know nothing about.  Simplifying the issue to 'those evil Muslim terrorists who are killing Israeli children because of Jew-hatred' is very VERY easy to do.  And, as a conservative, I get that the narrative comes from FOX news watching...but it isn't based in truth, not even kind of.  I would suggest if one is going to comment on the situation in the occupied territory (which is a phrase our Catholic bishops have used), one takes the time to educate themselves on exactly who is being persecuted in the Holy Land. I would suggest one takes the time to investigate how Christian and CATHOLIC Palestinians are treated by the State of Israel.  After doing some research, I defy you to make the situation as black and white as some try to make it.  I'm gonna keep it real and let you all know, I had NO idea what was actually happening until I visited four years ago.  But, I will promise you, the story that some of us hear, as Conservatives, is VERY VERY far from the truth.
***Disclaimer, I had a lovely conversation on my 'the faceboook' wall early this week. I am NOT referring to that lovely/respectful conversation.

Can you tell me that gets me all riled up.  For real.

I'm sad for people who love hot weather and live in Michigan. I am so sorry for the summer you are having.  However, people like me...we are in heaven.  I'd take 70 degrees all day/everyday.

Trips, Trips and more trips!  We will be spending the next two weekends up north at my lovely uncle's cottage.  I wrote about this last year, but will remind you faithful readers.  My baller uncle (sorry, it's just a statement of fact) has a huge lake-home north of here. It's beautiful.  With wood, and huge windows, a boat, huge bedrooms, a massive kitchen...just about paradise.  A few years ago, he realized he wasn't using it as much as he wanted it and considered selling it.  But then, he did an awesome thing.  He decided he would let each "family" have it for two weeks during the summer.  A place that all can go to retreat, be away from the busy and enjoy each other.  He pays all bills associated and lets us have free use of this home.  Can you imagine the generosity?  Anyway, last year was kind of disastrous. I was seven months pregnant with my 1 and 2 year old, without Aaron. Plus, as adult siblings we were learning how to relate to each other and it didn't go without many MANY kinks.  BUT, I predict this year is going to magical.  After that, we come home for a few weeks and then, Cancun.  All inclusive, swim out suite with a swim up bar.  yes! Please!  Good stuff.

I liked this article. I didn't have the guts to post it on 'the facebook', but mostly because all the Holy Land stuff is bothering me so much, I am not sure I could handle people attacking this lovely article.  It's a list of lots of reasons women choose not to use Artificial Birth Control. Not every statement is true for us, but a lot are.  I dug.  Click on it if you want, don't if you don't want. But don't click on it if you wanna fight about it.  I won't fight you.  Fighting is gross.

BOLD MINISTRIES is comin' back at ya this Friday with a new workshop on Teenage Discipleship through the Digital Era.  Our other workshop for teens on Social Media is still occurring, but this is a new one. It's a training for young LEADERS about how to LEAD through Social Media.  How cool is that?  Really cool right?

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  1. #1 I got that you weren't really mad...just expressing thoughts

    Holy land stuff--yeah my husband is big on that topic too always discussing it with ppl. I do think the media doesn't ever say the full story. The whole situation is just upsetting to me.