Friday, June 22, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
As stated previously, the entire family was in town last week for my youngest sister's graduation. It is insanity that my youngest sister is now a high school graduate. Even more insane, that for the first time since 9 months into my parent's marriage, they will have an empty house. I am sure many of us bloggers, who have young families, can't imagine when our youngest will leave the house and we will be alone with just visits from the grandkids. My parents now have 19 of those! 19 can you imagine? During family pictures my dad said, 'I wish everyone could know what this feels like'. He was proud, it was awesome.
--- 2 ---
We have a pretty tiny house. I am not complaining. Actually, to be honest, 40 years ago it would have been considered a super large house. Actually, to be honest, in most countries, it would still be considered a pretty huge house. BUT, to US standards, our house appears small. My sisters and their seven kids collectively stayed with us for the weekend. It was loud! And awesome! And, I was very tired at the end of the weekend :)
--- 3 ---
My husband is a prince. If you follow this blog, you already know that, but this weekend he went above and beyond. On Father's Day, he didn't get a second of celebration (we did, however, celebrate throughout the week). In fact, his day started at 6:00 am with watching our child while I went to Mass. He then came with me to work, so we could help facilitate a graduation Mass, followed by a reception for our graduating seniors. From there, we went straight to my parent's for my youngest sister's graduation day. It was a looonng day! We finally got home around 7:30 pm. My husband, the hero, offered to drop me off and come back to help my parents break down tables and chairs! And he was the only one who had to work the next morning!  He rocks.
--- 4 ---
I was really sad yesterday, like, really sad. Turns out, we do, indeed, once again, have a super large child :( Yesterday, I spent a good deal of the day feeling sorry for myself, as I am watching my hopes for a VBAC slowing fade away. Fear not friends, I know we COULD attempt a vbac with a large child, and everyone has a story of a friend or a family member who has and has done it successfully. We are just not going to. So, now my hope lies in going into labor in the next two weeks. Prayers welcome. I am resigning myself to a life of csections and I know it is not the end of the world at.all. It just makes things more complicated, and I like simplicity ;)
--- 5 ---
In the middle of my 'feeling sorry for myself' episode, I thought of the many women, some who I know, that would love to have a child by any means possible. That wouldn't care about a c-section, the risks, etc...if they just got to hold their very own child. And so, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. My husband reminded me that we should feel so THANKFUL for modern medicine that allows for the screening/safety of the children that grow within me. That made me feel so MUCH better. My husband is wise, this time.
--- 6 ---
Knock on wood for real...but it appears we have a weekend with ZERO plans. I am so.excited. On the docket? Getting rooms ready for switches and baby arrival. I cannot believe in less than a month we are going to have another newborn up in this house, insanity.
--- 7 ---
Go to this link. It is my friend Barbara's blog. She is an exceptional writer, and this particular blog has been playing in my mind the last two days. Talk about an inspirational women.
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  1. You are so awesome. I hate the idea of another c-section FOR you. Let's all be frustrated for a minute, offer it up, and then focus on the cuteness that the world is about to experience in your new son. YIPPEE!