Friday, June 1, 2012

--- 1 ---

So, I am trying out the 7 Quick Takes...will it work?

--- 2 ---

I have had a car payment since I was 16 years old. In the past two years, the husband and I have made an honest effort to get financially responsible. Today, we will pay off Aaron's car and, for the first time in 15 years, I will not have a car payment. The plan is to run these cars into the ground, while saving to buy the dreaded 'van' (I REALLY don't want a mini-van, but I think it is unavoidable, as SUV's are entirely too much cash!). We figure we have about 2 years to save, heaven help us!

--- 3 ---

ab Yesterday, Lil' Aaron and I were playing outside. He found a stick on the ground, picked it up and started knocking over plants with it! It is crazy to think that at 1.1 years old, my son is already all boy!

--- 4 ---

Tomorrow marks 3 years since Big Aaron took me on my first date in 6 years and our first date. We went to the perfect Italian Restaurant. Three years, 1 house, and two kids later- it is amazing to think how much that day changed my life.

--- 5 ---

In 3 weeks, I will be 3 weeks away from due date! I will also be having at least 11 people (7 children) staying at my house for the weekend. The 'people' are my sisters and some of my favorites (nieces and nephews) I.cannot.wait!

--- 6 ---

This week, someone posted on their facebook, 'if someone doesn't like you, figure out a way to love them better' - Mrs. Coulter. This has pretty much rocked my world and I have been thinking about it all week. Usually, I think, 'if someone doesn't like me, there is nothing I can do about it, move on'. BUT, I think the philosophy of figuring out how to love them better might be the way to go. I am going to continue to pray about that one.

--- 7 ---

Did I do this right? I suppose I will on be able to tell when I hit, 'save as'! Good luck to me! :)

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  1. Yes! You did it right :) I love Quick Takes! Also, congrats on saying goodbye to the car payment. That is a big accomplishment :)

  2. #1 My wife and were mentioning a possible future mini-van purcahse in a few years with her parents and my father-in-law said there not going to be making them much longer... I have no idea if he's right.

    1. oh that is VERY interesting... I hope he is right :)

  3. Yay! You did it! And I mean that with both the link-up AND paying off the car! Congratulations!! And don't hate too much on the mini-van. Just wait until you or the husband are able to get to the back seat while the car is in motion. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE...or at least long road trips.