Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dear Boys...

Dear Boys:
Tonight is another sleepless night it appears.
Lil’ Aaron- you have been WORKIN’ your mother’s nerves as you teeth away and refuse to sleep (although, God bless it, it is appears you have given up fighting the good fight and are now, finally, peacefully sleeping). 

Lil’ Joseph- You have been working your way towards meeting us the past week, which is awesome and scary and all those good things. I can’t tell if I am worried about your birth, or my body is just going bizerk (is that a word) but it is keeping me from sleeping at night.  The weird thing is that you allow me to sleep during the day, you know… when I can’t…because of your brother…who is workin’ my nerves.

Anyway- I wanted you both to know a few things.  I think it is important that I write them down now, before Joseph gets here- so that the three of us never forget them. 

First, I love you both so much.  It is CRAZY to me that I am going to have two sons.  Sometimes, if I am being truthful, I still feel like a little girl playing pretend.  Like, I walk around our house, and I can’t believe it is our house.  I hold you, lil’ Aaron and I can’t believe you are my son.  I get to hold your daddy’s hand, or snuggle him at night and it seems like I am just ‘playing house’.  So, it is crazy that in a couple of weeks at the latest, our house is going to expand and we are going to have another newborn up in here!  And what a blessing that will be!

Second, I am SO glad you two are going to have each other.  I know a bunch of brothers, though, I am not sure I know any brothers that will be SO close in age.  Can you believe you two are only fourteen months apart?  Sometimes strangers, when they are being so kind, tell me I am the luckiest mommy around, because having two boys, so close in age, will be like giving each one a best friend.  Sometimes meanies tell me that you guys will fight and not get along.  But guess what?  I think you guys are gonna be the best of friends.  I can’t WAIT to watch you play together. 

Third, Lil’ Aaron, you have a HUGE responsibility- you are going to have to be the big brother that your little brother looks up to. I want you to take care of him. I want you to stick up for him, I want you to love him with the love of a best friend!  Lil’ Joseph, you are gonna be your own little dude, and although sometimes I am sure people will compare you to your big brother- you always need to remember that you are awesome because you are your own person. I can’t wait to see what your little personality will be like!

Boys- your daddy rocks.  I am sure, by the time you read this, you are going to be very aware that I hated being pregnant with both of you.  I always say, the only good thing about pregnancy is the baby part.  Both of you gave me a run for my money whilst in the womb (Lil’ Aaron- you were MUCH worse than lil’ Joey…just for the record)!  While you guys were giving me a run for my money, I, in turn gave your daddy a run for his money.  But, he always handles it with such grace.  Do you know your daddy rubs my back EVERY night?  Every single night, because he knows it is hard to be pregnant with you guys.  And when I get really sassy and angry (which I am sure you will see a lot of growing up), he handles me with patience.  The other thing that is really neat, is now that I can’t sleep, he is getting up with you, lil’ Aaron, every single morning, while I continue to sleep and cook lil’ Joseph.  This morning was AD-OR-ABLE.  I got up, only because I was feeling guilty for sleeping in, around 8:00 am.  Daddy had been up with you Lil’ Aaron for about 2 hours.  And you were both on the couch, watching, ‘Thor’, you had fallen asleep on his chest. It was pretty much awesome.  What kind of a lucky mama and I to be married to such a rockstar of a guy?  I hope you each end up so much like your daddy.

Lastly guys, I wanted to tell you, as excited as I am to have both of you, I am kind of nervous about what next year is going to bring.  I think it is gonna be pretty tough caring for you both, while working, and trying to be a good wife to your daddy, a good daughter to your grandparents, a good sibling to your aunts/uncles and a good friend to the those that are in our circle.  I foresee that I am going to make a lot of mistakes and lose my patience a lot. I think it is going to be a bit of a tough year- and I am trying to gear up for that by making sure my prayer life is intact and that I am busy focusing on my blessings.  BUT, I wanted to tell you, as I am sure to lose my patience a lot, that I am aware that I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have you both, I have your daddy and we have our faith in God.

So…now that I wrote those things, Joey, you can feel free to come at any time.  Let’s, as they say, ‘do this thing’!  Can’t wait to hold you in my arms sweet baby boy and I can’t wait to introduce you to your big brother.
I love you both!

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  1. This is such a fun insight into a family gearing up for two! That will be us someday, God-willing. And I, like you, am not a fan of being pregnant. I thought I would love it. But, it's nauseating and achy, and restless and all of those things. So, I am right there with you, sister!

    And, of course your boys will fight. That's what all brothers do. But Aaron will never remember a time in his life without Joey, and that will make them the best of friends forever :)

    And, um, yes. Your hubs is a rock star. Forwarding this to Mike...