Friday, December 21, 2012

--- 1 ---
I am obsessed with my husband (true story). I think that is why he puts up with all my crazy and sass....so, he is about to have 11 days off just to hang out with us. And, I am SO FREAKING EXCITED I can't stand it. 11 freaking days is a lot of freaking days.
--- 2 ---
During those 11 days, we have like 4 plans (and two of those are Christmas plans with family). We did that on purpose. Generally, between youth ministry/family/friends we are doing something every single day of the weekends/weeknights. And, it is pretty much awesome, but sometimes, you just need a break. Do you know what I see in my future? Back to back pajama days! And you know how I feel about pajama days.
--- 3 ---
So I referenced this in my rant about social networking months ago, but one of my mentors 'defriended me' on facebook during the HHS Mandate fiasco (which, of course, is still going on). I just found out this week, her husband did too. Another mentor. HUGE bummer. Because, you know, I met them through the Church. lol. BUT, is it just too sick and twisted that I sometimes secretly hope they still check my blog every now and again? Is it weird that I think the same thing about 2 or 3 other people that weren't nice to me? Like, HA! But you keep checking my blog. Man, I sure do get evil sometimes.
--- 4 ---
My sister had her twins. Shut your face with how adorable this picture is. No joke. I saw it last night and was like, 'um, she really is the most blessed person in the world'. I am one of THOSE that would have a kid right now if it wasn't for those pesky back to back c-sections. So, I'm gonna wait a hot second. But man, this picture is making me want to jump back on to the pregnancy thing. And, I HATE the pregnancy thing.

--- 5 ---
I woke up cranky. True story. The husband put Joey down last night without his night bottle, so he was up at 4:30 am wanting to eat. In true Mary Wilkerson style, I did not handle it in a classy way. And made sure my husband knew from 5:30 am-7:30 am how not pleased I was with him. I wish I could handle things in a not-so-cranky-way all the time. Like, 'acceptance with joy' or something. BUT, alas, I do not.
--- 6 ---
Remember the stay-cation I told you about (11 days off), I am like REALLY excited. Usually, when the husband has 11 days off, we have a child. So, this is super neat. Our plans? Lakeside Mall (I have NO idea why, but the husband wants to), The MICHIGAN Science Center (thank you evil rich white Republican for hooking that situation up) and probs the DIA and the African American Museum (which is AWESOME, if you haven't been, go). Oh, we are also going to have a fancy NYE. I am going to get my nails did. My nails have not been did since my wedding. I am excited.
--- 7 ---
It is snowing! Finally. Lil' A was FURIOUS at me for not letting him immediately go play in it. But, there really isn't anything to play in yet and I am just getting over my earlier cranky pants state. And he was in footsie pajamas. And, I just didn't want to run outside. We usually do though, so he was FURIOUS. And shrieked a lot in anger, with tears (btw- fits with toddlers? Oh, so fun). He is in bed now. I am writing my quick takes. When he wakes up...I'll let him go outside for a hot second. The.end.
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My friend Mario has a blog. He is a seminarian. He is wise. You should check it out and follow him. It is right here. Have a great week!


  1. I love your honesty! Does your sister have 2 sets of twins, I can't tell if the boys are the same age?? Twins are so amazing to me, as long as somebody else has them ;)

    1. Right!?! And no, her first two boys are 14 months apart, followed by the twins. So, he has a 2 year old, one year old and now the girls. Funnest.house.ever. And, you will appreciate this, both her and her husband work full time. So, it is INSANITY in their household, but they dig it. She is a huge witness to me. But sometimes, just thinking about her life makes me tired!

  2. Whenever I get a chance to be at home with my Catholic peeps and go to St. Cyrils, I get baby fever. I want a million of them. I'm working on it, but they take time to bake!

    Post pics of your nails. I am a nail polish junky! And get some glitter for crying out loud!

  3. Today I had my first international visitor. Hello United Kingdom.

  4. My face is shut. That picture is so awesome. Every time I'm pregnant I think how flipped out awesome it would be if it were twins. ANd then every time I have a newborn I think how crazy impossible it would be to have twins.

    And I'm sort of jealous because every time you post I feel like you are doing fun fancy things. But Brian is working late tonight and then he is OFF for a couple weeks as well!!! Woot! Maybe I'll get to do something fancy :)