Friday, December 7, 2012

--- 1 ---
Whilst in Orlando this weekend, lil’ A and I had one really nice, quiet, just ‘us’ morning (we were there for a conference, so the time spent with just ‘us’ was almost never). Him and I took his very first boat ride (a first boat ride and plane ride all in a long weekend- woot woot!). It was awesome. I love my sons so darn much.

--- 2 ---
Let me tell you why I love the blogging world! It’s because you people are freaking amazing. Whether it is a blog on what to get guys for Christmas, a crazy elf on the shelf who’s journeys are off the hook, or my dear friend Mary who pretty much is my inspiration when it comes to raising children surrounded by the love of Christ and mystery of the Church…you all rock. I get so many ideas that I am sure I will never put into practice…but hey, a girl can dream.
--- 3 ---
I heard a really interesting critique of Disney Theme Parks this week (due to my weekend in Orlando). The critique was basically that Disney has no character building attributes for a family vacation. Now, before everyone FREAKS out, I do not agree. The magic that comes from seeing your child’s face explode in wonderment (which happened so much in Orlando, and we didn’t even go to the parks) is pretty awesome. That being said, the level of materialism was out.of.control. And did make me really nervous. It has got me thinking about a lot of things and how we (the Big A and I) need to teach our children to be grateful and thankful in this crazy world of over-abundance.
--- 4 ---
Speaking of…Christmas huh? And Christmas present giving? My sister Theresa, who rocks (and, is pregnant with twins who are due any day, please feel free to pray), gives her children three gifts, one from Jesus, one from mom and dad and one from Santa. I’d like to commit to that in our family, but even that is going to be hard. The crazy over-abundance (oh yes, I did just use that word twice in one blog) of the season is hard to fight back against. We will try. BTW- The husband and I have our annual, ‘buy forty gifts for our family’ shopping trip next weekend, I’m excited. I really like him. And hanging out with him.
--- 5 ---
I love footsie pajamas. A LOT. I adore my boys in footsie pajamas. I wonder how long I can make them wear them. I am thinking up till ten…
Lil' A in his footsie pajamas digging in his shoe to see if St. Nick left him more than one mint!
--- 6 ---
This really awful thing has happened. It appears that my boys have gotten together, had a discussion and decided that naps are completely unnecessary realities in this household. I have spent this week (during naptime) going back and forth between their two rooms, soothing, rationalizing and begging them both to go to sleep (which might be problematic, because of the whole "they can’t talk" thing). It has not worked and naptime is quite stressful. God give me strength because I actually live for the 1.5 hours, twice daily, that allow me to get stuff done (you know, like blogging and checking facebook).
--- 7 ---
And then, there is this…

You're Welcome
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  1. I wore footie pajamas last year at Christmas, and I was 20....

  2. It is so hard to raise children when their friends all have the latest toys/electronics/vacations. We always tell ours that we are rich in love and we are so blessed to have a big family instead of big things. We are lucky that our kids are not spoiled so that any little thing makes them super happy and grateful. But my mother's heart always wants to give them more more more. I need to work on that!!

  3. So cute! When my kids let their "Want Monster" out of its place I remind them that we have them because we love people more than things. It's one of those sayings they will grow to loathe and then find themselves saying it to their own kids. Teaching them about a budget has gone a long way in showing them how over indulging leads to problems down the road. I hope they stick with it.

  4. You are so funny...thank you for the compliment. I was rereading one of those posts I wrote recently and I was all, "ugh. why can't I write what I WANT to write. It always comes out so choppy and...ugh." I'm glad it could still help, though.

    Naps are an ever crazy, ever changing thing and it is maddening, isn't it?? I'm right there with you lately...

    I'm getting more gifts than I would like to this year. I'm not sure why because normally we do the three and they're pretty lame to the rest of the country's Christmas standards. I'm a little nervous and may spread it out over the 12 days because you are so right. The more they get, the less they appreciate it. And often I've found it's the adults who are pushing it all.

    Aaand. Your baby is adorableness personified. When I was young I used to say I would marry a black man (er, man of color? I don't know what the right words are anymore) so that I could have those beautiful babies. Is that racist or something? I don't know but I shall have to live my dream vicariously through you.

    1. This comment was awesome. I read it out loud to my husband and we both laughed. a lot. AS I told Aaron, my brothers and sisters had such beautiful babies, the only way I could be in competition with them was to marry myself a black man and have me some beautiful mixed babies! YAY for my crazy plan working out.