Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 for 2012

2012 was a really good year in the Wilkerson Household, only to be outdone by 2013.  Here is my top 12, in no particular order

1.  We received the gift of another son.  Joey Michael has lit up practically every aspect of our lives.  His smile is something that truly melts my heart. He is a flirt, and a lovey.  He is a good boy that has fused this family together with love.

2.  It's not nice to talk about money.  BUT, whoever said I was nice?  We have paid off $60,000 dollars of debt.  That is something pretty significant.  I dig.

3.  We took a really awesome vacation to the westside of the state with our some of our very best friends.  We snuggled in a cabin and enjoyed the gift of real friendships.  It was lovely.

4.  We solidified a plan that would bring me home as a stay at home mom in 2013. I announced that to both teens/parishioners at Saint John Neumann.  After 11 years in ministry, it is time to be at home with my boys
5.  We joined a new Parish Family that has been a super positive experience for us.  It is nice to feel like we have found a little home to belong time. I look forward to finding out different ways to serve in our community.

6.  My family welcomed five new children (born) into the clan.  Joey, Ellie, Molly, Zoe and Keegan are the new cousins for our family.  The blessings continue.

7.  The siblings and I worked together to surprise my father for his 60th birthday.  We ended up loving each other on the opposite side and gave my dad a really cool suprise.

8.  I was able to take my oldest son on his first planeride and he was an awesome traveler.  Being a mom is the coolest thing I get to do, and getting to do really cool things with my kids brings me great joy.

9.  This is a weird one, but I celebrated Christmas with over 50 alumni after our Christmas meeting.  It was a really proud professional moment and personal moment.  To look at this table filled with AHMAZING people that I have been blessed to have met.  Really cool stuff.

10.  Two of my dearest friends got Married.  Mikey Lew married the lovely Kristie and Jay Jackett married the lovely Beth.  Both of those couples are tremendous witnesses of what can happen with love.  I look to them as examples for us, so that is cool!

11.  We got to celebrate Thanksgiving with our very best friends and had the joy of having Paul/Ann and the boys in :)  The refreshing nature of that particular friendship is hard to describe. 

12.  NFP has worked for six months!  Yay to not being pregnant (yet) as long as God says it is okay that we not be pregnant!!! :)

Happy New Year


  1. What a great year, and good job on the nfp!!

  2. I love this happy celebration of your year. Wonderful! :D