Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes- Christmas Break edition

--- 1 ---
Yesterday, I was laid out in bed with a high temperature. I only made it outside of my bedroom a couple of times. Today, I woke up with the kids at 5:00 am (still feelin' the fever, but less intense), to a complete DISASTER of a home. The ol' cliche about men is so true, I wonder what they would do without us.
--- 2 ---
This is so sad, but I am just being truthful. I know the Christmas season lasts for quite a bit longer, but I am REALLY tempted to take down my tree/decorations this weekend. Once next week hits, the craziness begins, and it would just be nice to do it in a fun way, instead of in a stressed-back-to-work-this-is-such-a-chore-way. Fear not catechetical friends, I said I was tempted, but I am not going to do it. We are still celebrating Christmas in this household.
--- 3 ---
Oh, you wanted to hear my thoughts on the 'fiscal cliff', well... okay. I think they should raise everyone's taxes, I really do. If the American people throw a total FIT anytime the government wants to cut anything/make changes (medicare/pbs/npr...etc...) then the American people have to be okay with our taxes going up. This is a spending issue, not a tax issue. And you can't spend more than you have, or you have to bring in more money. So, everyone that is panicking about this cliff, if you voted for the guy that is into a crud ton of spending, this is the result. Oh, wait, let's just tax the rich...problem solved (hear my sass via blogs?!?!)
--- 4 ---
I want to say something really sassy in this quick take. But, it would tick too many people off, so I will just think it. But, please note, for my quick take number 4, I am thinking something really sassy. I think the whole, 'house is a mess thing' might have made me a bit cranky this morning.
--- 5 ---
We went to the Michigan Science Center a couple of days ago. It was AWESOME. If you live in Michigan, please consider going. I know it is quite expensive, but it is so well worth it. The exhibits are awesome and I just think it is so cool and I want to see it stay. So, look at your personal calendar right now, and make a date to go, you won't regret it. If you do, let me know and I will refund your money (that is a lie, there will be no refunding of money).
--- 6 ---
Django Unchained. I didn't see it, I certainly wouldn't see it in the theaters with my husband (as I explained to my inlaws, it is not pleasant to be the interracial couple during movies like that- even The Help was a bit uncomfortable). But, it does intrigue me, and I might rent it. Here's the thing though. Two days ago, on facebook, someone wrote, 'I find it really funny how many white people want to go see this movie...' followed by a crud ton of offensive comments about how white people would delight in the use of the N word, etc...It is three days later and I am STILL ticked off about it. THREE.DAYS.LATER. (wow, I think I really am cranky because I keep thinking about things I am ticked off about).
--- 7 ---
Clearly, this is how I am feeling in this AM

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  1. Hope your day gets better!! Your hubby will get better at the house . . . mine did. Now, when I go to the gym or go to pray, he tries to clean up and he does a good job.

    Fiscal clif?? Oh,boy do not get me started on it. Totally do not want our taxes raised, but I would hope it would wake Americans up a bit. But, the media will just blame the Republicans anyways . . .