Friday, December 14, 2012

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If we are facebook friends, you are probably aware that we are fighting the flu in the Wilkerson household. First, I went down pretty bad on Mon-Wed, then Big A had a touch of it on Wednesday and then, our sweet little guy Aaron got sick last night (though, it might have not been flu related, we don’t know yet). Since I had the boys, one of my fears was how I was going to handle the ‘gross’ stuff. We have been SO lucky so far. All the diapers I have changed, and we have only had two significant blow outs that leaked out of the diaper, and, neither of our kids have vomited yet (spit up- yes, vomit- no). Until last night. And last night, well it was GROSS. And all of the bed. And all over the boy. But, the husband took to the sheets and I took to bathing Lil’A, and within ten minutes, the little guy was back in bed starting to fall asleep on his clean mattress/sheets/pillow. So, basically, I feel like a legit parent.
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I also feel thankful for my husband. HE is the guy, that takes the gross sheets, and fights back the dry heaves to shake them outside first (trust us, it was necessary) before throwing everything in the laundry. He is also the guy that works his BUTT off at work. This week, he was recognized for the work he does. The thing is, I know that Aaron is setting himself apart from others, not for personal gain/ego, but so that he can advance his family and prepare for when I am a stay at home mom. To be married to a guy that works hard to provide for his family is, well, it kind of makes me speechless.
--- 3 ---
I learned a hard lesson this week about loving my husband better. A REALLY tough lesson. It is a long story, that has too many details to explain, but I shall summarize. Basically, I am one of THOSE wives. You know, the wife that complains the moment she sees her spouse at the end of the day. The wife that does the laundry list of things that went wrong, before beginning to laugh and share about the day. The wife that comes home from work, and before saying, ‘Hi Sweetie babe’ (who says, ‘sweetie babe’?) instead says, ‘why didn’t you do x, y, and z ?!?!?!’. The wife that complains first, loves later. All those awful things, we know we shouldn’t do. Anyway, I have known for some time I need to work on that. BUT, this week, it became painfully obvious through conflict that if I don’t start to change that particular behavior, I will let some real rot get at our marriage. Changing behavior is so difficult. Anyone have any tips on how to switch around this particular trait?
--- 4 ---
Speaking of changing behavior, notice I haven’t mentioned healthy living lately? Since Thanksgiving things have REALLY backslided. Like, really! Who knew how tough the ‘holidays’ would be (And ‘travel’ and busyness, and sickness) on trying to lead a life of nutritional discipline and working out? Anyway, the plan is to recommit and start over on Monday. Send some good vibes our way. Changing bad habits of eating/not working out is REALLY freaking tough for me. BUT, I really want to. And so, I begin again.
--- 5 ---
If you are the praying kind, could you do me a favor? Please? On Monday night, one of my dearest, sweetest cousins came home after work, to find her husband had died. It was unexpected. It was shocking. This weekend we will have the viewing on Saturday and the funeral on Sunday. My cousin, Maria, is honestly one of the best people you will ever meet. She is connected with Canton’s Relay for Life. She is just a really REALLY good person. Her husband Mark was supportive and loving. And really, it’s just so sad. We will miss Mark, but I know he gets to go home. So, I am asking that you keep, in a special way, my cousin Maria in your prayers. She has to stay here, and that isn’t easy when the love of your life gets to go home, especially way sooner than expected. I have heard from so many grieving people, that they can really FEEL the prayers of the community. If you don’t mind, please pray, offer up masses, maybe offer a sacrifice or two for the repose of Mark’s soul and the comfort of Maria.
--- 6 ---
Right to Work. I know I promised thoughts on my blog, to avoid the controversy of facebook. But, I decided I probably won’t say much. Except that, in my opinion, the good guys won. And I love teachers. And I get that unions STARTED as awesome. But now, I don’t think they are so awesome. I think they are bullies. And I think a lot of people think that. Which is why they want to opt out of dues. The best thing I heard all week regarding this? If unions are SO magical, people that are pro-union shouldn’t worry, because…of course, EVERYONE in the unions will want to continue to pay to dues to assure that unions maintain their strength and ‘protection of benefits’. So, WIN/WIN (wink, wink). Oh, and if you know me, I am all about putting choice into the hands of the people rather than the government, that happened this week. I am psyched. And I needed something to be psyched about.
--- 7 ---
And for those of you that I might have just made angry with my 'crazy right wing propaganda'..
.Look! A baby! 

You're welcome. Have a great weekend all.
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  1. I have trouble with my wise arse mouth, and a priest told me to make the sign of the cross across my lips (like we do before the gospel reading) whenever I feel tempted to make a wisecrack. I think it could help you before your hubby gets home. It's just a good physical reminder to speak with love!

    1. Ooh, Colleen, that is good. I have such a hard time with this as well. That and stubbornly NOT saying the things I know he wants to hear. I'm such a brat wife sometimes. Most times. Dagnabbit, this marriage stuff is super hard.

      Mary, I completely agree on the right to work stuff. But I was pretty sure I would :)

      And I will pray for your cousin.

  2. Hi Mary! One idea that we learned in marriage prep is that when you want to complain or point out something of fault, always start with, "You know I love you, but..." It instantly turns it into a "I" statement and comes from a place of concern. I even do it silently in my head when I want to complain sometimes and I notice that it often diffuses the emotion so that I don't even end up complaining. I hope that could maybe help!

  3. Oh Mary...that face is more than just a mother could love. I think everyone can appreciate it!

    Also, I am not up on my MI news, but according to the short blurb you gave here, I think you're right...the good guys won! I always wished that I was able to opt out of the union when I was a teacher. I didn't like the idea of it. Not a bit.