Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes- No sass edition

Well, you are still reading my blog...so all the sass of the past few 7 Quick Takes clearly didn't turn you off too much.  Thanks for sticking around.  As a reward, I am going to be pleasant through all my Quick Takes today.  :)  I promise.
Baby Update, lots of braxton hicks and other things occurring!  This leads me to believe the baby could come early, which would be full of awesome.  I am 38 weeks on Tuesday, but you have to remember at 36 weeks, the baby was measuring 9.3 pounds.  I know, I know, those things can be REALLY off.  So, lets say the ultrasound tech REALLY screwed it up. I mean, by two pounds screwed it up.  That still puts me at 7 pounds, two weeks ago.  So, I am REALLY okay with going early (that was a lot of REALLYs).
Hey, I know there are at least a couple of you who read this and have had multiple c-sections.  I am so nervous about going into labor and not getting to the hospital in time. This might be more intense because traditionally (with both my other boys) I dilate really slowly (a centimeter a week) with a crud ton of braxton hicks.  So, I can already forsee it's gonna be tough to decide when to go to the hospital.  Any advice on when you knew it was time to go to the hospital with your 3rd c-section or were you just confident you'd make it to your scheduled date?  Any horror stories you want to share to make it worse?  Whatevs, lay it on me, I am ready for it.
Guys. I am so.excited to bring the third kid into our home.  As we get closer, that part gets more exciting. I can't wait to see John Paul interact with his big brothers. I can't wait to have the bassinet next to us.  Weirdly enough, I am even pumped for nighttime nursing.  It's so special, when it's so quiet in the house and it's just you and the baby.  That's so nice.  And, who would have thunk I would ever say this, but there is something really bizarrely special about those first few weeks, when I won't be sleeping and it's kind of all a newborn daze.  Weird that I am looking forward to it?  Maybe! Remind me I said all this in a few weeks.
Well that's a lot of baby news. I am trying to stay away from sass, it's not easy.  Maybe I will tell you right quick, that our little Aaron now randomly says, 'I love you' and gives quick kisses and hugs throughout the day.  I have been doing a lot of 'takin' it easy' because of pain, and sometimes the little dude will sneak up behind me and hug me from behind. His arms wrap around my shoulders.  I tell him it's my favorite hug and now sometimes I ask for it.  Can you just imagine when he is 6 foot somethin' tall and comes home from college and wraps his arms around me like that?  Be.still.my.heart.
Oh, lemme tell you about my sweetheart Joseph Michael.  He really is just the sweetest little thing.  Lately, I have been doing a lot more cuddling with him during the day. I think I am subconsciously aware, he will only be my youngest for less than two weeks more.  He always has been the best cuddle-er, and I am so thankful he still lets me hold him tight.  His waddle walk is just about the cutest thing ever.  I am a very blessed mom with that boy.
 The summer went fast, and the baby has consumed most of my thoughts, so I haven't had time to discuss perhaps one of the most important things happening in our lives tomorrow...MICHIGAN FOOTBALL COMES BACK!   Woot woot.  The first few games are a little bit on the lame-o side, but I am still psyched.  Aaron is letting me cook fun treats tomorrow for our little family's first 2013 game day. I got the jerseys ready for all three boys!  DUDE. I am so excited.  Probably one of the coolest things about having all three boys will be football Saturdays...Hail!
Last year's 'Game Day' photo

Okay, till next week, here's hopin' this kid gets here soon!!! :)
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  1. Sassy or not, always nice to catch up on you and your boys.
    Love spontaneous hugs from my littles too!

  2. For #2 my Dr LET me got into labor (he was breech, and sometimes breech babies flip in labor). I was told to call AS SOON as I was in labor. And I did. It was at night. My Dr asked if I thought I could wait till morning (mainly because she didn't think I wanted a baby born on 6/6/06!), I said yes, I a headed to the hospital at 6AM, he hadn't turnued, so they prepped me for the c-section. I was fine and there were no issues (but I DON'T dialate!). And, I was overdue with him.

    For #3, I did not even worry about making the scheduled date. I knew I would not go early.

    For the Braxton hicks, make sure you are drinking tons of water. You can get them if you are dehydrated.

  3. I went into labor on my own with all three pregnancies. For my third my dr. wouldn't do a c-section unless I was dilated 3-4 so I was in labor for 26ish hours before dilating. And the contractions were still painful and close together. It was tough to decide whether to go in the second time when the contractions picked up bc I didn't want to get sent home again.

    My water has only ever broken with my first pregnancy and I suspect it was bc of the multiple gestation. I have also never gone past 38 weeks. Good luck! I can't wait to see pictures.

  4. Love number 4 :) I'm curious on number three. If you go into labor, when does your doctor say to come in? Do they just want to make sure it's real labor? I would imagine if things are getting to the point where you have to think about whether the baby is going to try to be born vaginally then you're more than likely already in the hospital, right? By that time you're nearing transition, and you'll definitely know you're in real labor and you'll have time to make it... But maybe I'm missing something. This probably won't help but if you're worried about this labor going unexpectedly fast when I was worried with number 3 about the midwife not making it in time (she was over an hour away and my previous labor was only an hour and a half) she eased my fears by telling me that if a baby is coming that fast then it almost always means everything is lined up perfectly and there is nothing complicating things. Sounds silly but it made sense to me and eased my mind a bit.

  5. You're looking forward to nighttime nursing? You are definitely ready!

  6. No sass? So you won't be talking about Miley then :)