Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes

The host of this wonderful link up, Jen, said something very simple today that filled my heart, ‘Fall is right around the corner’.  Friends, I cannot wait for fall.  Newborn baby (no more pregnancy), Michigan football, Cider Mills, first stab at this SAHM thing…sigh, good things on the horizon.
Well, our travels have officially ended.  Although there were moments of awesomeness, for the most part, the travels were just hard.  In true Wilkerson/Buckley style there was laughter, but also a lot of drama.  Glad to be home and excited for things to slow down a bit in the month of August.  It’s time to take a breather for sure.
Slow down?  What?!?!  This week has started the lifestyle of doctor’s appointments.  If you have offered to help with the kiddos, just wait, we will be getting in contact with you soon, I promise!  Here’s the run down. 

Monday- Baby looks great and huge!  Surprise!  I think he is going to be a record breaker for me.  
Tuesday- Non Stress Tests in my opinion are the worst things ever, and I am not sure how I am going to do them twice a week.  Laying in one position, not moving is probably the worst thing ever for me right now. I am going to attempt some ‘offering it up’ in weeks to come.
Wednesday- First Iron appointment, felt VERY sorry for myself.  Took twice as long originally expected.  On my way, driving home, I started sobbing (By this point our lil’ A had developed a fever, which threw off babysitters, yada yada yada), feeling pretty overwhelmed.   As I was driving, I saw a mother bringing her balding toddler into the cancer center.  Perspective- I have been trying to grasp it.
Thursday- Second Iron infusion, IV on FIRE!!!  Followed by a diabetic lab for gestational diabetes.  Turns out, I am the person in the Gestational Diabetes class that starts shaking and crying in anticipation of having to poke myself!  And then I did it, and it is no big deal.  And I have done it several times since like a rock star. I know, I know, you didn’t realize how brave I truly am.
Friday- TODAY!  No appointments. 
My niece and nephew are here with us for the week.  My nephew is going to ‘nerd school’ in Ann Arbor.  He has a true talent for technology and together we found this camp that refines his nerd skills in role playing computer games.  He loves it.  My niece in the meantime has been with me.  She is SUCH a huge help with all these doctor’s appointments.  It’s been a fascinating week of scheduling (the camp is 40 minutes away, twice a day, it ends up being a lot of driving), but gives me good insight into having teenagers with activities.  Oh, and they surprised Aaron and I last night by giving us their own money and sending us to dinner while they put the boys down to sleep.  It was an awesome and a much needed date.  It’s so cool to watch them become such awesome people.
So, for those of you wondering about my sleep saga…I am sleeping again.  Sure, I might need the help of an incredibly powerful prescription, but I ain’t above that J Seriously, I told the ol’ doc I was completely losing my mind without my ability to sleep.  I think the breakdown that ensued might have helped, but she gave me a very limited prescription of a very powerful sleep aid.  Anyway, I didn’t like taking it because it was way powerful and she made it very clear it would be a limited supply.  So, although it was helping, it was only helping every four nights, and the others were complete hell. Until my VERY wise sister in law suggested I cut them in half.  And now, my friends, I sleep.  I am sleeping really well, every night.  That matters.  Thank you Jesus for modern medicine and good doctors.
We see my parents/Aaron’s parents once a week in general.  However, because of travel, we haven’t been able to see Aaron’s parents in almost two weeks.  My lil’ A is obsessed with both sides of grand parents, so yesterday when driving, he kept saying, ‘we go to Papa’s house?’ (Big A’s dad). I told him that we would, but later.  But, wait for it, when we got home he started sobbing, asking to go in the car and drive to papa’s house. I love, love, love that my kids love, love, love their grandparents so much.  The plan is to take them over tomorrow, if lil’ A can stand the wait.  Which, the jury is out on at this point.
I have come to a decision, totally not agreed upon by the ol’ husband.  This pregnancy has been really tough. It has been great because the baby is healthy, but it has been tough.  AND, while laying on the table during the stress test, I decided that since it has been so tough that I deserve to name this kid what I’d like.  And I like John Paul.  So, unless the ol’ husband is going to leave me, we shall name him John Paul.  Just don’t tell big A J John Paul _________ Wilkerson it shall be.  But, we still need a middle name!  Maybe I’ll let big A have a say in that.

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  1. What week are you at??? Any talk of taking JP early?

  2. He's already coming a week early. I am crossing my fingers (close your eyes natural mamas) that they take him 2 weeks early. It will depend on how all this testing goes :) Right now I am at work 33! So, at the most six more weeks. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

  3. Praying for you Mary and all your Drs appts. When are you due?? JP will be born around the cannonization, right?

  4. Agree NST's can be worst, will be praying the testing stays good.
    Glad you got a date night!

  5. I just finished reading a blog post where a mother named her son JP. I think it's a sign :)