Thursday, August 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes- Publishing it early edition

I always feel the need to warn you when a bit of sass will follow. Apparently, I was a bit 'cranky' while writing this...so read with caution and care :)
We have not started potty training ‘round these parts and frankly, I’m okay with that.  We have started talking about potentially potty training one of these days. I’m just not worried about it. I figured when Lil’ A figures a few more things out, he’s gonna be into it and we will be less stressed about trying to make it happen.  BUT, we have discovered that some people are whack-a-doodle about potty training and an intense need to get it done, often times when children are still infants. I don’t get it.  I think I am going to take my dear Aunt Loretta’s advice, ‘your kid won’t go to kindergarten in diapers, so don’t worry about it’.
Um, I have an iphone. And it is awesome. And it is way more awesome than I dreamed it would be. My friend patty  (check out her blog, it is ever so much fun) asked the question several people think, ‘how you be getting’ an iphone and workin’ Dave Ramsey?’ (that is not how she asked the question).  I thought I would answer in the ol’ blog.  First of all, our iphone was CRAZY expensive, because we don’t do contracts or any crazy sauce like that.  We use Virgin Mobile and pay $80 a month for the two of us, all expenses included.  So, the iphone is an insane amount of money (for a generation 4 no less).  Any hoots.  It was on sale last week at a whopping $230, plus the case, so like, $260.  That is VERY cheap for an out o’ pocket iphone, so we decided to get ‘er done.  Getting ‘er done on Dave Ramsey though means that you won’t be gettin’ something else did.  So, for the months of September and October, 25% of my miscellaneous budget will go this bad boy.  Plus, I have several talks that I have done this summer that will help pay for it.  It’s all about choices and let me tell you, when I got that black beauty in my hand, it is a choice I am proud of.
And I have wanted one for a REALLY REALLY long time.  
I’m real mad about something (surprise).  So these three kids were bored and decided to randomly go out and shoot some people. You know, because they were bored.  I think the story and several others like it (bored teens doing awful things) are horrific for a lot of reasons.  But lemme tell you, the media is ticking me off in the coverage.  For two reasons.
1.        Conservative coverage is trying to overly state the kids who were bored and decided to shoot were black and a white guy got shot.  Now, of course, because of media idiots, race needs to be discussed with every shooting that occurs.  So, Trayvon was CLEARLY killed because he was black, and these black guys CLEARLY killed this white dude because he was white (sarcasm).  I just don’t buy it. I don’t buy the irresponsible and loose conclusions people jump to.  And, I think they are dumb.  There is nothing about being black that makes one more likely to kill. Stop trying to go one for one with the Trayvon thing. The Trayvon coverage was ridiculous, don’t stoop to the level of ridiculous.

2.       Liberal or left leaning coverage (the first three articles I read) immediately started discussing gun control and our need for it.  Now, here’s the 411. I’m not really married to the gun control debate.  I think it’s dumb to blame pieces of metal for decisions of people…but, like I said, I am open to hearing the other side.  That being said, I think the OBVIOUS question that should be asked is, ‘WHY THE HELL ARE THREE TEENAGERS DECIDING THEY ARE BORED, SO THEY ARE GOING TO KILL SOME PEOPLE!?!?!’.  Maybe that should be discussed first captain obvious.  But, once again, that would be a discussion about personal responsibility…we don’t like these discussions ‘round these parts (the US of A)
Sometimes I am pretty sure I misuse the 7 Quick takes and get a little too sassy. But, they are honestly thoughts that get thunked all week by me, so I've got to share them!
Public Service Announcement
So it appears I am crabby.  And this one might sting. But, it’s got to be said. I LOVE reading blogs like GRACE'S and my sister THERESA's because these are people that get my soon to be reality (which, btw, I cannot wait for).  Having three kids, each 14 months a part has it’s own set of challenges and it’s own set of rewards (listening to the boys chase each other up and down our hallway is honestly one of the best sounds in the world).  What sometimes grinds my goat (and I am sorry, I am just saying it because it needs to be said) is when parents who have multiple children, but 2 or 3 years a part, try to pretend they get my reality.  Because…you don’t.  It’s fine that you don’t, I think you have a lot of wisdom, but I promise you do not understand what my reality is like. So saying things like, 'oh, I totally did that with my three children' (that were spaced freaking six years a part) is NOT helpful.  However the shining light in the tunnel is when I sometimes get annoyed at people who assume they understand my reality, I remember that I do that to a LOT of people as well.  AND, it should probably stop.  
I’m working on a post, coming out this week on how God intended c-sections and that birthing our children medically through the help of a lot of doctors and interventions is just what we were ‘meant to do’. I am excited, for it has been rolling around in my head for a long time.  Probs since the first time someone told me that c-sections are not how your body is ‘suppose’ to birth a child (from a theological point of view)…get ready.  And a shout out to Miss Jamie Jo for sharing in my comments the witness of 6 c-sections :)  God likes that hard work! 
Are you a parent?  Do you know parents?  Do you have the interwebs and are around children?  Please read this article.  AND THEN, please like, ‘bold ministries’ page on facebook.  We will be putting out a ‘best practices for parents’ blog in the next week or so describing some easy tips you can follow to keep your kids safe and engaged in the new digital world (it isn’t so new anymore is it?!?!).  And, as you may/may not know, we do social media presentations to students, students and parents, parents, parents and staffs, etc... to inform and educate!  This is SO essential.  Consider bringing it to your school, parish, or parent group!

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And forgive me for my sass.


  1. So, I was thinking about you today when I tossed out ALL OF THE PARENTING BOOKS. I am so done. I am taking a page from you and just going with the flow. It has been super calming.

    On a related note: we are also not pushing the potty training. She will crap on the toilet someday. I'm not worried about it.

    Sass on, my friend.

    1. I am so glad you threw them out :) LOL
      There are just too many voices in that game you know? However, I do think it's important to have strong women in our lives to guide us through this parenting adventure, like your mom and my sisters. Then, we decide what's best for our family.
      lol. Love that, 'she will crap on the toilet one day, I'm not worried'. :)

  2. my takes:
    1. potty training: why bother now? as soon as JP is born, Lil A would be back in diapers anyway (yep, expericence on that one)
    2. I don't get your situation, will never get it, and quite frankly, am kinda glad I don't get it LOL! I had a tough enough time with 2 year spaces: however: I do get it is difficult and you and Big A are in my prayers, a lot; mostly for sleep and patience! I also beg forgiveness for anytime I might have sounded like 'I get it'.
    3. Woohoo on your iPhone... my daughters have told me I am not technically savvy enough to get one, yet - someday, maybe
    4. yeah, I don't get the lack of personal responsibibly thing - don't understand how we got to this, but someone told me the other day that the new math is: 'if you can explain how you got to your answer, then it must be right' Um, 2+2=4 and I don't care how you explain it, you are WRONG with any other answer! I guess not only don't we have to take responsibilty for anything wrong, there is no longer anything you can do wrong. OY!

    um, I think your sassy is rubbing off!

    Many blessings:

    1. Love love love!!! You know, honestly, I think you have a whole other set of issues when your kids are spaced 2, 3, 4,, 5 years a part. So, it's not necessarily, 'harder' but it is not the same. Like, when people don't understand why leaving the house is so difficult! YIKES! In three short weeks it is going to take me multiple trips to get the kids in the car (Joey is not a strong walker yet, so he needs lots of guidance). Little things like that, you know?
      And the thing I find most interesting about lack of personal accountability is even really smart people sometimes fall into the trap. It's like we have been systematically trained to not take responsibility for things. Drives me bonkers!

  3. Potty training?? Wait until he is ready . . .it really does not work any other way. My oldest was 2 and my youngest was over 3 . . . all did it in their own times with varying degrees of ease/difficulty.

    Yay for the iphone! We use Virgin Mobile too and I researched tons before I got my iphone and no matter how we crunched the numbers, it was still cheaper to buy the phone out right and use virgin mobile, than to use any other carrier that gives you a discounted "phone".

    Interested in your c-section post, but I may totally disagree with you. I am thankful for c-sections, as all three of mine were born that way, but I do not think they are the preferrable way to go (or what God intended). Major surgery never should be. And I am a case where c-sections have gone wrong and have limited my ability to have more kids. But, I may agree with you because I know that God has us on the road to adoption for so many reasons and we would not be doing it if it were not for my complications with my c-sections.

  4. Ha! I love your sass! Yeah, having 3 kids all 14 months apart is crazy and you will have a special spot reserved in Heaven. I have two that are 14 months apart, and it was tough. BUT! It gets so much better and easier as they grow up, I pinky promise.

    OK, that baby did not just come out of you in that picture. He looks like he is half the size of you!!!

  5. Can't wait for your 'God intended c-sections' post. I'm pretty sure imma gonna be sending virtual fist bumps. And, I totally got your reality until this kid. Now you've gone and upped the ante. My fertility ain't able to call that bet. ;) Finally, your aunt is a wise woman. My thoughts - Gigi ain't going to school in diapers, and, if she is still in diapers when she gets to college, that might not be wholly bad. Have a great weekend, sassafras!

  6. Haha yes! Can't stand it when ppl are like "yep yep I totally get how hard it is raising four kids under four" and I'm like uh Noo you really don't! But I raise you your 14 months apart with twins and a little girl 13 months apart! Yeah we still shock people when they find out that spacing math.

    Potty training comes so much easier with your second. I count the twins as my first. But my eldest girl twin is autistic so it will be awhile before she's potty trained and it was sooo hard with my son (twin b) and I had ppl making me feel like I was lazy because I waited until he was three! Then my third was super easy and trained at 25 months. I've done the three in diapers and it's not too bad.

    And I thought I was snarky lol. Love it!

  7. Oh, my gosh, you ARE a crab!!! Hahahaha!!! Just teasing. You can tell me to shut it.

    I was probably one of those mamas that told you "I understand, been there, done that" So sorry if I was. I do not even know how close your kiddos are. I DID do daycare though and had 4--Yes, 4--2 year olds and a baby, and a 4 year old. (that's 6 kids under 4) I did that for 5 years...of course they got older and went off to school and then I quit. Now I have my own 6 c-section kiddos. Can I say I understand now? (even though they went home at night? :)

    Can I tell you a magic number for potty training boys? (for 3 daycare boys and my own boy) 3 years 3 months. Seriously, something clicks at that age. Now, of course, I don't care if they are old and big at that time, it works and is a heck of lot less headache and mess. He's only 2, right? Wait til next summer. Have this baby and worry later. Tell those baby potty training people to come and do it if they have a problem. Or just say, "Wow, that's amazing" when they say they did it at 6 mos for their baby. Really, you can say that any way you want, in a shocked way, or in a snotty way, or in a complimentary way, it works.

    I know quite a few women that have had 5-6-7 c-sections. My doctor said they have no data on more than 2, no statistics, so they just say/scare you with the "the risk goes up" crap. What about trust in God? AND the danger is not for the baby, or even the pregnancy, it is for the delivery, possible hemorrhaging, and scar tissue building up on the bladder. Not that I am downplaying that, but at least for me, it's less scary if it's about me then if it's the baby. And it's my experience that the doctors are prepared for that, like after 5 c-sections, they have me in the emergency room delivery room in case that happens (the hemorrhaging thing), so there is confidence in knowing that the doctors know ahead of time possible complications. As far as recovery, I found them all the same, it sucks. Period. But, I guess, there were a couple that were a little better than the others, and I did too much too soon and got sick and had to rest more. Basically, it takes the full 6 weeks to start feeling half way normal again. AND a lot longer before feeling sexy again, if you know what I mean.

    Oh, gosh, I talk too much.

    One more thing, diapers--cheapest at Wal-mart and they hold a LOT of potty. I like them better than any pricy namebrand ones. (Sam's Club ones are great too, a little more, like $2 more, but less trips and Wal-mart is often out of the size we need)

    1. Gosh, that was long, sorry about that.