Saturday, April 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes- kind o' crabby style

--- 1 ---
Quick takes are a day late!  Oops. I wasn't going to do them.  Instead, I was going to do a post entitled, '10 things that are ticking me off', because lots of stuff is ticking me off.  BUT, I will wait on that post and keep it classy in this one!  Well, kind of.  You might still get a bit o' sass, but isn't that what you have come to expect?
--- 2 ---
Rough week around these parts.  The roughest, actually.  Many of you know our good friends who lost their son at 32 weeks.  I have seen a lot of good things, I have seen a lot of bad things.  But, I perhaps have not witnessed anything so tragic as the loss of our friend's beautiful son.  It is so awesome to know he gets to dance in heaven, it is so unfair (can't think of a better word) that our friends didn't get time with him here on earth.  If you know the couple, please pray.  A lot.  This week they have shown a strength I have not seen before.
--- 3 ---
Black radio ticked me off this week.  I was listening to 1200 (a Detroit station) and they were discussing whether or not black men/women should 'cross over'.  Here's the 411, I get that some people aren't into interracial dating and marriage (however, you need only look at the beautiful babies to know Jesus approves), but it was the things they were saying upon calling in.  "My son had one of them over and I told them to 'get that trash out of my house'".  "Interracial dating is like a Jewish person being with a Nazi .  Etc... now, check it. I know there are ignorant people in the world, but with a touch of reverse-ness, this radio show would have been put on blast.  But, of course, it wasn't.  Then, I found out in Georgia, there are still segregated proms.  Are you joking me!?!?!?! I can't even.  A black prom and white prom.  People, it's a little much.
--- 4 ---
You know, these might just be full of sass.  Today, I got ticked (surprise) about people using their 'studies' to tell me how my kid is going to be screwed up.  As many of you know, Aaron and I don't read parenting books and don't follow most parenting fads, we raise our kids with our gut.  The thing is, I dig all of you that read books and follow "studies". You AP parents, who co-sleep and discipline with gentle redirection....Love ya! I swear.  But, I would love it if you'd stop quoting 'studies' saying if I don't, my kid is going to be screwed up.  I shouldn't care, but it is such a stupid thing to do.  I have more to say, about certain, 'doctors' that turn these things into spiritual issues...but alas, I shall refrain.
--- 5 ---
How about niceness?  Do I have it in me?  This morning, Big A let me sleep in (it was much needed, sleep was not a thing that came easy this week), and then woke me up saying, 'the boys said we should go to ikea for breakfast'.  I hate Ikea, it scared me, it is too big and they try to trap you in the store by making it a maze...but, they have cheap and delicious breakfast (hopefully, not with meat made from horses).  Anyway, it was awesome.  And then, in 10 minutes, we are going to swing by a carnival.
--- 6 ---
Oh, I should be cleaning my house and doing laundry today. I REALLY should.  My house is a mess, my room smells like there could be a dirty diaper hiding somewhere in it.  But, alas, I opted for a pajama day today. Bad choice?  Probably.  It's still happening.
--- 7 ---
1.5 months left until stay-at-home-momhood.  Um, excited much? I am.

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  1. That's really sad about that radio show you listened to. It reminds me of the movie 42, my husband and I just went to see. There were so many parts in that movie that made me so upset that people were actually (and in some places still are) treated so terribly. I know it must make God very sad.

    I will be praying for your friends who lost their sweet baby.