Thursday, April 4, 2013

My near perfect morning...

This morning was a good one. So I want to remember it.  Nothing special happened, but it was pretty much perfect (save for a little sass aimed at the ol' husband... gotta work on that).  Even though I should be writing my follow up NFP post, or the post floating around in my head about my 'starter house', or the post I'm working on about our debt pay off tips...I'm just gonna write about this morning.

Lil' Aaron got up at about 6:30, I snuck into his room, and turned on 'Cars' on the ipad (bad parenting, I'm okay with!) in order to buy myself another 1/2 hour sleep!

BUT, by the time I was back in bed, Joseph Michael woke up.  Instead of crying though, he was just throwing himself a 'party in the USA' in his bed.  So, Big A and I laid in bed for about 1/2 hour debating who was going to get up with the kids.  At about 7:00 it was decided I would take first shift. I went and popped into lil' A's room and turned on the light.  He smiled big, he was ready to get out.  Then, I went to Joey's room and brought him (smiling and happy) into his big brother's room.  'ITS JOEY!!!!' is what Aaron has taken to saying every morning.

We did breakfast with smiles and at 7:30, I got to go lay back in bed.  But, the boys were playing so nice, the husband and I got to just chill in bed for a bit.  By 8:10, the whole house was up.  I gave the boys a bath.  They play together in the bath now, and the Easter bunny brought them real bath toys (as opposed to our 'red plastic cups').  They laughed in the bath, and both started splashing like crazy.  I ended up soaked!  But we laughed.  Joey got out first and I changed him and put him in Lil' A's bed to eat his morning bottle.   Aaron got out of the bath and thought it was the funniest thing to see his brother laying in his bed.  After we got him changed (but first, of course Aaron needed to pee all over the floor- not awesome) I let them play together in Aaron's crib.  They are really starting to play together now.  It is awesome.  Giggles, laughter, jumping, etc... I thought of JPII reminding us that the best gift you can give your child is a sibling to play with.  I said a prayer of thanks that God saw fit to give us three kids so close in age, to be playmates and buds forever (except when they don't like each other).

And now, lil' Aaron is laying on his stomach, watching 'Barney' like a teenager (not the Barney part, but the laying on his tummy part), Joey is crawling around grabbing things, perfecting his experience of getting older and making a mess.  It's pretty much perfect.

I think it is pretty easy to miss God in the simple.  While looking for 'big signs' and praying for 'miracles' we miss the blessings of every.single.day.  I am not missing the blessings this morning, in fact, I am feeling overwhelmed by them.  Talk about living the reality of Easter!  Thanks Jesus, you Rock!  A lot.


  1. Oh Mary, this was so good. It is so easy to not see these little delights and instead focus on "I had to get up early, I had to make them breakfast, I had to give them a bath". When we turn it into "I CAN wake up early, I GET to make them breakfast, I LOVED giving them a bath" our whole outlook is brighter. I hope you are feeling better my dear, I think of you often :)

  2. I love when we can have mornings like this. What a blessing, seriously. How sweet your little boys are, too!
    (oh..and p.s...I turn on "shows" to save the day whenever I can. I'm in survival mode...)

  3. So sweet!! Except the pee on the floor. Not cool Aaron. :) I love the sibling excitement...Gianna get so ridiculously excited when Judah wakes up in the morning or from a nap. She can hardly contain herself. "It's Judah baby!!" I could never have fathomed the love that swells in my heart watching the two of them. Hope the rest of your day was just as sweet!