Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Grace, who is hosting 7 Quick Takes for Jen, who is hopefully enjoying her sweet baby boy.

--- 1 ---
This first take will only make sense to a select few of you.  My husband and I have a serious marital issue that has shown itself this week.  You see, it is very important, in conflict, not to sweep things under the rug, especially if things need to be talked out.  If you do that, usually, those conflicts will show their ugly head in future fights.  Well, my friends, my husband has been playing dirty all week.  Several times when I have gotten mad at him this week, he pulled out the BIG GUNS.  Big Guns, you say?  Yes.  Last night, I was mad at him.  And I turned my back in bed away from him.  Before I knew it, he jumped in the air and spun his body, singing, "AND TWIRL, TWIRL, TWIRL, TWIRL".  And then, today, when I was angry at him, he started singing, 'I'm gone with the wind fabulous...'.  Here's the thing, I'm not sure I can ever be mad at him again.  That sneaky dude.
--- 2 ---
Had an awesome day today listening to my good buddy Mike Patin share his wisdom.  He is a VERY funny man.  And the youth ministry world is blessed to have him.
--- 3 ---
On Monday, when I found out that an 8 year old was killed, I experienced a gut rage that I do not remember ever experiencing.  It was intense and very quick and then it passed.  It was an emotion I hadn't felt before.  Later, like many of you, I saw the picture of him holding that sign asking for peace.  I am glad he is in heaven.  Like, super glad.  But, I am praying for his family.
--- 4 ---
We had an unbelievable time visiting my brother/sister in law and five children in the DC Area.  We spent a lot of time laughing and enjoying each other.  We did an incredible amount of walking on our Monday, 'DC' Day.  How awesome is that freaking city?!?!  I would live there in a heartbeat. For realz yo.  Highlights?  The memorials, watching the cousins play together, getting to know my sister in law better, my newest goddaughter's Baptism and...the Cheesecake Factory!
--- 5 ---
On Tuesday, when we were heading back to the airport, we had some time.  We thought we were going to go to the Marine's Museum, but made a game-time decision to go to Arlington as a family. It, of course, was a super special experience.  At one point, because it was 'just us', I looked over at my husband pushing the stroller with a backpack on and our two kids enjoying the sites and realized, 'Dang, I have got myself a little family, and we do things like go on vacation together'.  I felt so blessed, and so grown up.  It is very common for me to have moments when I reflect on how much God has blessed me through my husband, this was definitely one of them.
--- 6 ---
Mom Brag Moment.  Several people, on this trip, stopped us and asked us if our boys were twins. I love that people think they look alike.  I love having babies so close.  Then, to make coolness even cooler, when we arrived back at Detroit-Metro a man pulled me aside.  He said, 'I have been around a lot of kids, and I just want you to know, I think your son is the happiest kid I have ever seen'.  Lil' A was a rock star on this trip.  A total.rockstar.
--- 7 ---
OH!!! You wanted to see pictures from the trip...your wish is my command.

newest goddaughter Ava Marie

Cousins and Besties

Taken about five minutes before they closed this street down

My boy.

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  1. #1-HAHA I heard that song on Conan. Not brave enough to look the whole thing up on YouTube though. Your hubby is goood if he pulled that out lol!

  2. Love #6!!!

    And, if you lived here the city's charm and coolness would wear off . . . we rarely go downtown anymore unless it is in winter when no one else travels here.

  3. Oh, Mary, the sheer incomprehensiblity of it all hit me when I saw the picture of that sweet little boy and realized he was one of the deceased. So senseless... In more uplifting news, you have a darn cute family on your hands. Good thing God is using that to grace the world with more beauty. Um, and I love your husband and your marriage. It makes me giggle.

  4. Dear Mary,
    You look AMAZING!
    Love, Ann