Friday, April 12, 2013

The Best Sound I've Ever Heard...

Aaron immediately after birth
 ...The best sound I've ever heard was the moment I heard my son Aaron cry after he was born. I knew having a child would be an incredible experience. I knew that I would be emotional. I knew the blessing I was receiving (in as much as you can know).  But I had NO idea what it would be like to hear his cry.  I was behind a sheet being operated on, so I could not see him (c-sections will do that to you) but when I heard him cry, I burst in to tears. I didn't expect it, I didn't expect the sound to immediately, and with no doubt,  change my entire life.  After that sound, they placed my sweet baby boy in my arms and I could.not.stop.looking at him.  Fourteen months later, I was scared as I was being operating on once again. I had no idea if my son was going to be okay, but doctors assured me that everything would work out.  After several tense moments, I heard it.  Joseph Michael was born and I heard that sweet sound again.  I let out a yell of joy as though I was at a sporting event.  Those of you that have had children/been present when children are born, you know the power of that sound.  The sound of a first cry.  It freezes everything. It changes everything. It is the most powerful sound in the world.

But today, today I cannot think about that sound without getting sick to my stomach.

I can't think about that sound because of the trial of Kermit Gosnell.  Those of you that are involved in Catholic circles, you know about him. I am betting that many of you reading this blog do not.  You don't know about the man who killed two women through his practice in Philadelphia.  He was awful to black women.  He ran his doctor's office in the worst conditions, spreading disease by using tools on multiple women, without sanitizing them.  And all of that is horrible, he will face time for the crimes he committed.  And, as horrific is all that is, what I cannot think about, what breaks my heart is this next part.

Joey immediately after birth
He killed hundreds of babies.  And he did it, many times, after hearing that sweet sound of their first cry.  He did it mostly by snapping their spines (I think, I have to skim past the actual method when I read the stories, or I honestly think it would be too much).  He took their sweet body parts after and put some of them in jars.  He did awful, awful things.  The type of things most of us can't even fathom.  And yet, we don't really seem to care.

Lots of people are blaming the media for not covering the story.  They are calling it a 'media black out'.  I think those people are right...but I think there is something far scarier going on. I think, honestly, we don't care.  We just don't care.  Media companies make money, they cover stories people care about.  And for some reason, a doctor killing hundreds of babies...that just doesn't happen to matter.  We don't care.

Tonight, so upset, I asked my husband, "Why don't people care?!?!".  He said, "They just don't".  I followed it up, "But honey, this would be front page if it was about puppies, the Michael Vick story was in headlines for months".

"I agree", he said, "But that was about dogs and puppies, people care about dogs and puppies".

"But dear, I like, actually need to have an answer, you need to tell me why people don't care"

And what he said is right.  What he said broke my heart.  "They don't care because the story is talking about abortion, and people in this country don't have a problem with abortion, so they won't pay attention to a story that has the word abortion in it".

Oh my God, how we have we failed!  How we failed the children in this country.  Pro-lifers, we have failed.  We have failed by making our voice sound like rhetoric, so people close their ears to our pleas to let children live.  Pro-choicers, you have failed.  You have failed by letting your ideals block your ability to be logical.  You have failed by not shouting out in protest to this horrific doctor who killed babies.  My God, please forgive us, we have failed.

And tonight, what I can't move past, what is sitting so deep in my heart is that sound.  The sound I heard when Aaron was born.  The sound I cried to when Joey was born after a scary few hours.  The most beautiful sound in the world.

A sound that was silenced time and time again by a madman.  A madman being put on trial to face his crimes.  A madman who's name no one will know because all major news networks have decided to ignore the story.  A madman who heard that sweet sound, and without skipping a beat ruthlessly murdered the most innocent of victims 

Please friends, tonight, join with me and remember that sound. Let's join together, asking those sweet souls who get to hang with Jesus in heaven to pray for us.  Pray that we might somehow stop failing innocent souls.  Pray that eyes are opened, hearts are moved, and as justice is brought to a killer, people understand that something.must.change.


  1. I cannot imagine this story through the eyes of being a mommy...and thinking about your own little one's first cry and thinking how hundreds of others were robbed of it.
    I'm with ya praying sister!

  2. So ridiculously beautifully put, Mary. I'm crying. Go love on those babies! I'm snuggling mine right now...

  3. I have been thinking of those innocent babies crying out too. Our country has forgotten how to be outraged and how to recognize true evil. I pray that there will be a change of heart in many because of this.

  4. Awesome, Mary. God have mercy on us all and may those babies be resting in Him.

  5. Mary- This is so beautifully written. I have a million thoughts on this . . . it makes me sad and disgusted. A week ago I watched a video on Catholic Vote's site. It was from footage of a Planned Parenthood rally. I was appalled, yet it showed me one thing . . . the only explanation for all of this is that it is pure evil. People are blinded and so desirous of their rights that they cannot see the reality of what is going on. Or they refuse. Virginia is about to pass legislation for stricter controls (for safety) on abortion clinics (which will shut about 11 clinics down). Yesterday I read through comments people were making on the article and was shocked (well, not so) on the fact that people were so violently angry about it. They felt their rights were being taken away when all Virginia is trying to do is to make it safer for women . . . I would think that even pro-choicers would want that.

    I just pray for a total conversion of our nation. For people's hearts to be changed. As one who has a heart for oprhan care, I get so upset when I see post after post on Facebook about how we need to resuce animals and adopt them, yet there are millions of children around the world who need familes and homes and yet no one even thinks about them.

  6. BTW, AFP is very inaccurate, so much that I never get that test. However, there is now a non-invasive test that can definitively test for abnormalities. I'll probably opt for that for preparation purposes since I *hope* I've learned not to believe all the bad news.

  7. I just learned of this story yesterday. It is so heartbreaking. I just can't understand how people can prize animals over human beings, made in God's image! Thank you for your post, it is very well written.