Friday, November 29, 2013

7 Quick Takes- Life is rockin' edition ('cept for the coffee part)

Well, so there's this.

I mean...really!?!?
I think I have to quit drinking coffee.  I don't know how to do life without coffee and three children :(  BUT, what has started to happen is after drinking coffee, I am 'shaky' is the only way to describe it.  And I don't like the feeling. But I love coffee :(  We might be in for a rough week.
Speaking of rough weeks, say a prayer for us.  Tonight, er, this weekend we are 'breaking the paci' from the boys. I'm actually someone who wouldn't mind if my kids had pacifiers till they were teenagers (kidding, of course). I haven't worried about breaking the habit, kind of figured it's just too hard in a house where one child has one and the others can't.  BUT...Aaron has started chewing threw them, and it's such a choking hazard.  So, we are gonna take Aaron and Joey off of them and only reserve them for the baby. I think we are in for some long nights! Send good vibes.
I get to see a couple "O.A"s today (Original Alumni).  They are a couple who I worked for when I FIRST started in youth ministry.  At one of the first youth conferences I went to with teens I said to them, 'I think you guys should get married when you are grown ups' or something like that ;)  They got married a couple years ago!  Now, he is applying for a PhD in Jesus stuff and I couldn't be happier to know them!  I have not seen them in a couple years because they live out of state and I have canceled plans with them consistently through two years of pregnancy!  Anyway, totally looking forward to pizza with Gary and Jen.
how cute are they?!?!
--- 5 ---
I love that my friends are like family!  Look! These are some scenes from Thanksgiving.
Kel had the baby most of the night yesterday! It was so good to eat dinner with two hands!
My Ministry Partner, 'Mike' and my dad talkin' some Jesus
Tomorrow, for the first time in a LONG time, I get to go the Ohio State Game.  And, I get to go WITH the husband (that never happens, because usually only one ticket becomes available).  Now, Michigan is pretty terrible again this year, which is a HUGE bummer.  BUT, wouldn't it be something if beat Ohio State? Ruining their undefeated record?  Stranger things have happened.  And yes, I know B, it's probably not gonna occur :)  Hopefully it won't be a blow out.

Look it's my buddy.
Nice chocolate ring hot shot
You guys!  He is into snuggling me randomly. Or saying 'sit by me mama' or 'stay here by me' or 'hold me'.  It's so awesome. I can't even tell ya!  Cupeth runneth overeth....

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  1. Are you drinking a different brand of coffee?? As much as I love Caribou roasted coffee, I have found that I cannot drink ANY of their coffee (expect decaf) because it makes me jittery . . .. it is the only kind that does that to me.

    Good luck going coffee free!