Thursday, November 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes- Good Stuff Edition

I was pretty blown away by the, 'Talk to Me Tuesday' Body Image Edition reaction. I even cried at some of the messages, emails, texts, etc...that were sent.  Obviously, I do not stand alone in this area. I loved so many of the suggestions.  My favorites?  Prayer, buying clothes that fit, trusting in the words of others, etc... And obviously, the health suggestions.  SO, wait for it.
Wednesday, I made some decisions.  Here we go.  My 'goal' is going to be to lose 1 pound a week for the next sixty weeks. I am going to work out three times a week and be careful about what I eat.  Aaron and I came up with a good plan for a really convenient time to work out (for me, for him it's a pain, because he will have to come home from work and fly solo with the kids).  You guys, I went to the gym last night and worked out for the first time in almost a year. It felt so good.  I mean so freaking good. It is hard to describe how awesome it was to treadmill/elliptical it up without pain from pregnancy or pain from c-section recovery.  Plus, it was quiet, just me and my iphone music player.  So awesome. I may/may not have called Aaron on the way home and started crying because it felt SO good and I felt so hopeful we can make this whole, 'healthy lifestyle' work.
My iphone.  You guys, who knew it is also an ipod?  Um, not me!?!?!  Oh, and I am trying to figure out this cloud thing. It scares me, but I think I like it.  I am assuming I can put all pictures from my iphone on to my actual computer through this huh?  Crazy!
So, I got a little nervous about the winter, in the ol' house, with three little ones.  So, I did some pinteresting.  And I got some great ideas.  AND, check this out!!! I was fancy, and I made a hibernation kit to get us through. I am psyched about it.  CHECK out this SAHM :)

Aaron and I went and saw, '12 Years a Slave' on Saturday night. I can't say I liked it.  I actually hated it, but I think everyone should see it (adults).  I didn't cry during it, but I couldn't stop crying after.  Wanna know how to sum it up?  Here is my husband's facebook status from a couple days later...

"So Mary Wilkerson and I saw 12 Years a Slave on Saturday night. What an experience. I recommend it. It's different than most movies out now because it's intense in that it draws you in and it's very historical. The events happened. It gave a true portrayal of what racism truly is and how people were intentionally held down systematically. With the modern advances it's easy to forget that part of our history and what we as a society are capable of. Now that I have children, I think a lot about legacies and what I'll be passing down to my children. However, that film made me remember the legacy that was passed on to me by generations before me. I can only imagine how crazy my life must be to my great-great-grandparents in terms of the opportunities I've had."

It's crazy that Aaron's history is now my children's history and that it is a history so painful and yet from a people so strong.  Crazy.
Look- a baby!  Mine.  He's my favorite.  Well, one of my favorites.

Aaron and I had a rough week of squabbles this week.  Real rough. In an attempt to make me like him more, he wrote something nice on facebook.  I made sure to let everyone know he was trying to crawl out of the doghouse.  My friend Mario's response, might have been my favorite thing ever.  And totally true, and totally hilarious.  Ready for it? Here we go.
"A blog will be written in 2 days about all of this and include the following:  1. Mary getting upset and perhaps losing her cool and despite that 2. Aaron being the best husband ever.  All will be well :)"
- Mario Amore

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  1. I totally hear you on the gym thing...it's such a great mentally freeing activity. Did you know if you have Netflix, you can also watch shows on your phone?

    1. DUUUDE! That's kind of what I was thinking....best.phone.ever ;)