Tuesday, November 26, 2013

TTMT- Basement Edition (perhaps the most selfish one yet)

It's TTMT again (do you see what I did there?  With the letters?  It brings legitimacy to this very special day of the week...it's like WIWS, except everyone is helping me!).

This Talk to Me Tuesday is very 'Wilkerson Specific' but, we'd love your ideas/help.  First a story...

So, here's the thing...when we first bought this house, our basement looked like this...
Fancy Bar

Fancy Area
Then, one week before little A was born, we had a flood :( (so sad, right?!?!) and now it looks like this....
Glorified Storage Unit...

But, before you get Ra-motional (real housewives of New York- Check it!) about the state of our basement, wait for the good news...

The good news...
After getting out of debt (Thank you Dave Ramsey- Total Money Makeover- Look it up), and buying a van (which I am still lovin' on)...we now have some funds to 'remodel the basement'.  The goal is to create a playroom for all the boys God keeps giving us.  Our house is small, so a playroom will make the home totally manageable to live in until we die (if we so choose).
We are having our first (of four) estimate tonight.  I am so.freaking.excited.
Here's what we know (ish...assuming we can afford this, which is the unknown)
We would like to do dry wall, and carpet squares, knock out the bar and turn it into a reading nook, adn extend out the closet (which you can't see) for more storage.

BUT- Neither Aaron or I are good at design/creativity/etc...when it comes to space (lived here almost four years, still nothing on the majority of our walls).  SO...

Talk to me...
I need help with two things.  
1) Suggestions on how you'd remodel the space, with a limited budget
2)  Suggestions on how to properly decorate the most baller playroom ever, with a $500-700 budget (after we finish the remodel, I will get to make it a 'playroom' with that budget).  I'm talking ideas on play, storage for toys, cool things for little boys, seating etc....(we will have two couches- you can see them in the picture, but they will need cheap slip covers...I am willing to hear ideas on that as well!)

I know, I know, not the most fascinating TTMT, but could you hook a sister up and suggest some things?  PLEASE?!?!?!?!


  1. Oh Mary! This must be so exciting for you! I love me a good basement, LOL. Ikea has some great storage for playrooms and I have found so many fun ideas on how to decorate on Pinterest. We are moving in a week and I too am looking for fun way to organize and decorate a playroom in the basement so I will be following these responses. Have fun with your remodel, make it your own! Amanda Michalik

  2. Check out all things Ikea in the way of toy storage! I love their stuff. Then, see if it is on Craigslist.

    Also, if you have to keep the panelling due to cost of replacing it, I would paint it. We have panelling ALL OVER our house and just have not spent the money to get it torn out, then re-drywall the rooms. But, we have painted the panelling and it looks nice!

  3. well didn't insurance cover the flood damage? i have a friend whose basement flooded and they got a new room for free.

    is it cold down there? If so get some cozy carpet.