Sunday, November 17, 2013

Good Will Parenting...

The following is a true story.

I have a funny story to share.  Something I didn’t realize I did, until I realized I did, last night.

A couple of days ago, my friend Shauna facebook messaged me and asked how much TV we allow our children to watch.  She remembered in the past, I mentioned I let our kids watch TV.  Shauna was trying to judge how much is too much for her little guy.  Anyway, it was one of those moments when I had to decide if I was gonna ‘keep it real’, or play it like I was a good parent ;)  I went ahead and kept it real.  The response is so absurd when written out!  Later that night, the husband and I were laughing about how cray cray it is.  Here is my response.

Oh, girlfriend..you probably shouldn't ask me questions such as this (no joke). Because, like, I am pretty sure people would freak the freak if they knew how often our TV is on. And, I'm pretty sure ‘Yo Gabba Gabb’ and ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ don't count as education. I feel guilty as well, and, in fact, just thought this week I need to really pull it back because I am finally not pregnant and I am feeling okay, so there is no need to have it on as much (I say this as my kids are at my feet watching a 'show'.)

So...to make you feel better. Our kids get up at 6:00 am- to buy us more time; we put a show on Netflix on the Ipad in their room (usually Barney or something awful like that). Then, Aaron gets up with them and they do their thing. From about 7:30-9:00 am the TV is on (they aren't necessarily watching, but it is on if they want to). I do try to turn it off until after lunch, but it goes back on from 11:30 am-1:00 pm (naptime). Again, they aren't just sitting in front of the TV, but it's on with kid shows. They nap and when they wake up from naps it's on for another hour (hence me typing this message) and then, we let them watch a 'show' before bed. I think that's like four hours total I am totally screwing them up.

AND, to make matters worse, lil' A can now count to 10. And he says his ABCs, Oh! And he knows freaking shapes. Please, ask me if I taught him these things? NOPE! Thank you ‘Super Why’ and ‘Little Einstein’s’. Here's the thing, I know we need to cut back, and I will now that I am not pregnant and feeling better. BUT, I also don't buy into the whole TV is ruining kids thing. I just don't. So, the last 9 months, we've really needed it....hopefully the next 9 we won't need it as much.
SO, I guess, the bottom line is, you can always say, 'at least I’m not letting them/him watch as much as Mary lets her kids!'

Okay, so that was my response.  It was good to see how ridiculous it has gotten. Now, in my defense, please remember for 8 months straight I threw up at LEAST once a day, I could barely get off the couch because of extreme anemia…and, then I was cut up and recovering from major surgery.

Anyway, here’s the funny.

Last night, I was thinking about how much TV I let the kids watch and I thought to myself like I always do, ‘Well Will Hunting turned out okay and he probably watched a lot of TV’. 

Do you ever do something, and you don’t even fully consider what you are doing.  In complete shock last night, I realized that often in my parenting, I think about Will Hunting.  And I think, ‘Things were pretty bad for him, and he turned out okay’.  Do you know who Will Hunting is?  A character, from the movie, ‘Good Will Hunting’.   In the movie, he had a really tough upbringing and has some emotional issues, but he is REALLY REALLY SMART.

Ladies and Gentleman, I realized last night, I self-assure myself that my kids will not turn out intellectually stunted because of my decisions by comparing them to a FICTIONAL CHARACTER!!!

The absolute best part of the whole story is, until last night, I didn’t even know I was doing it. Even though I do it pretty much once or twice a week.

That is my story.

That is my truth.

Now, you have my permission to judge. 


  1. what a bad mom,said no one EVER about you! If they did I would kick their butt. That is all, your favorite cousin.

  2. nope - no judging here! Gotta agree with Judy on her comment

    Actually, that was pretty funny and totally what I would do!

    TV at the ages your children are at: yep! probably more than just 4 hours, too. However, I did discover, the older the children get, the more the shows they watch get, the nastier my children get. Back to being a TV nazi and limits and all that wonderful stuff that is sooooo hard to pull off when I am trying to educate, laundry, cook, wash, clean, drive, and find time to get to work as well!

    have a wonderful Monday, my friend

    1. Thanks Karen :) Good to know a veteran parent doesn't think I'm screwing them up too bad!

  3. lol i am so laughing at the honesty in this post. Awesome. I love Good will hunting too--favorite!! Anyway--you know what I never believe the no tv moms! I swear they are fibbing lol. Unless they actually don't own a tv.

    Well---I am pretty much in the same boat as you only because my little ones know how to turn a tv on. Its too hard to climb behind the tv and actually unplug it just because the way we have ours set up--but the button is in their reach so they push it. I may be cooking in the kitchen and someone out of the 7 roams into the tv room and turns it on...i turn it off...they turn it on. All.day.long. It happens. half the time they really aren't watching it either, they only really pay attention here and there. but its on!

    Except this last week since their incessant pushing the button on and off actually broke it or some hoe set a timer button. it stays on for 2 seconds then goes into sleep mode. LOL. So I have been screaming, "DARN IT! where is that tv when you need it to distract these young'uns!" LOL.

    1. Oh jeez! I am so glad they don't know how to turn on the tv yet, it'll be all over. BUT, truth- the 2.5 year old knows his way around an ipad like it's nobody's business!

  4. Ok so I am one of those moms who is strict with my kids TV time (one show night). BUT my kids also go to school, and I know that if they were home all day, it would probably be on more. When they were little and I was a SAHM, I was always out and about with them, and TV was never an issue. Thinking back, they did watch it while they were at the gym's childcare room...but I never counted that!! My youngest is at the babysitter's house, and the TV is on ALL DAY LONG (with little kid shows) and it used to drive me crazy that he was allowed to watch so much tv, but he is seriously like the smartest of my whole crew, so TV isn't evil after all!!

    1. I actually totally get being strict about tv. I buy into the whole, 'constant stimulation/flashing lights/etc...' isn't good for development. That's why part of me feel so terrible about the amount of TV I am letting them watch...but hey, Good ol' Will turned out okay ;)

  5. No judging. I am strict with the tv around these parts but I should probably use it more because I get easily overwhelmed trying to come up with tv-less activities trying to be "that crafty mom"

    1. I think it's awesome that you take the time to be crafty mom- true story, I am working becoming more of that mom, and less of the 'lay on the couch tv mom'! :) The other day we made caterpillars out of tongue depressants. I was pretty much feeling like a rock star!