Friday, March 14, 2014

7 Quick takes Struggle Bus and Church Nerd Stuff

--- 1 ---

We've been riding the struggle bus 'round these parts.  Look- this was JP's face the other day.
poor sick baby
He was so sick.  A viral infection has been making it's way through our family.  It's not a crisis, just really miserable kids which leads to very little sleep for all.  The thing that has been really challenging is the fevers. Gosh, it's so scary once they start reading the 103-104 level!  BUT, I was assured as long as medicine is taking them down, we are all good.  Medicine was taking them down...and I think we are rounding the corner on sickness!  YAY! Oh, and the boys have been tending to each other all week, which is about the cutest thing ever!

Taking care of John Paul with their teddy bears
--- 2 ---
Speaking of struggle bus, wanna know what happened today?  Oh, okay, I'll tell you. I went to grab a paper towel of the roll. Would you like to know what was facing me down, with eyes of fury (okay- there really weren't eyes of fury, but it sounded fun to write)? A giant spider.  Well, it wasn't even giant really. BUT, it was a spider, chilling on the paper towel, getting all sorts of ready to pounce.  JERK!  It's now with Jesus.  Homie don't play that.
--- 3 ---
 When I stepped down from St. John Neumann, a lovely family bought us a zoo pass to use with our kids (best.gift.ever).  Last week we went to the ZOO!  In the winter.  
nice and warm
One of our friends assured us the zoo in winter was one of Detroit's best kept secrets.  You.guys! It was so fun and a lot of animals were indoors, so we got to see them really up close.  Look at my giraffe selfie!
Giraffe Selfies are A-okay!
--- 4 ---
My parents are not hosting a St. Patrick's Day party this year.  For the first time ever.  We always have a great party with good food, lots o drank, plenty of laughs, Irish music, tears (we are irish, we have to cry with tears of joy or tears of memory), and everything that makes parties fun.  It's an open house kind of thing.  Friends/Family/etc... I look forward to it every year.  My parents are not having it this year :(  Oh, did I mention this is the first year I can partake in the adult activities in THREE YEARS due to pregnancy (can you believe I was pregnant for three straight St. Patrick's Days?!?!).  Anyway. It's sad. Guess I'll just have to drink at home :)
--- 5 ---
So, remember that fancy committee I was asked to be on last year?  With all the fanciness and the Archbishop who knew my name (um, because I was the ONLY female asked to be part of the fancy with REALLY FANCY people).  Anyway, as an offshoot of that, I have been asked to lead of team of 'Lay Ecclesial Ministers' for the next couple years in the Archdiocese of Detroit's New Evangelization Initiative.  So, anyway, one of our Bishops (Byrnes) charged me with putting together a team.  That in itself was a bit of a challenge, since my scope is fairly limited to Youth Ministry.  BUT, I think we got it locked down.  Here's the funny. One of my good friends, Chris, sent me a text after I sent him the list of participants that said, 'um, is there anyone on the team younger than 40?'.  It seems we have built a very YOUNG team of Church professionals...most of us being under the age of 40 or just slightly over (in the Church, my friends, that's young).  I think it's kind of fun.  Young Church for the WIN!!!!
--- 6 ---
My buddy Mario (John Paul's godfather) was able to chill with Cardinal Dolan last week!  Yeah, I know. And Cardinal Dolan bought him dinner (right?!?!).  So, you know how I am pretty much famous if anyone I know meets anyone famous?  Here's how our textual conversation went...

"I just met and talked to Cardinal Dolan"- Mars
"shut your face! did you tell him about me"- Me
"Indeed"- Mars
"does he wanna be my best friend"- Me
"of course.  He asked if we were going to get a hot dog today (it was Ash Wednesday)"- Mario

Now, you know Mario didn't tell him about me and he doesn't want to be my best friend...but a girl can dream.

--- 7 ---
Speaking of Best Friends...quite often I REALLY think Pope Francis and I would be best friends.  Yesterday, he celebrated his one year anniversary as Pontiff. I remember experiencing a sinking feeling when he came out on the Balcony.  He's not cardinal Dolan, he is not young, I have never heard of him, his smile seems akward (judgy judgy... I know).  Then I got in my car feeling a little deflated listening to the news.  
"Wait! He asked the crowd to pray for him"
"Wait! He's a Jesuit"
"WAIT! Um, did you say he took the name Francis?"
Then the stories started to flood in.  The stories of who he was as a cardinal, of who he might be as a pope.  
"Wait, he took the motor coach back to the cardinal hotel to 'grab his bag and check out personally?".
My faith has been helped by the power of the Holy Spirit in this one.  All of us Catholics, who have decided to pay attention, have been challenged (if we allow ourselves to be).  My favorite thing ever?  His continuous call to go out to the 'streets' and not afraid to get 'messy!'.  I have always found the line between love and truth quite messy.  But more than ever, I am not afraid of it anymore.  And Papa Francesco has helped with that.Thanks bestie!

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  1. I'm sorry your babies are ill! Such a bum-bummer. Boo-hiss. Can I tell you something? I even put it on my QT. I love Cardinal Dolan, but I am turned off by what a celebrity he is. Am I the worst? It's the Holy People as Celebrity thing. I was at a Regnum Christi conference once when Fr. Maciel showed up and the throngs of young people throwing themselves at him made my stomach turn. And then look what happened. It was the same way with Fr. Corapi. It's why I love how Pope Francis is always asking for prayers and saying how he has to do things his way because he's not good on his own, and how he's open about being a sinner. I get nervous that Cardinal Dolan seems so comfortable with all the attention. Am I going to hell?

    1. lol! I actually completely know what you mean. The 'celebrity' of it all is a very dangerous thing when not handled correctly. Funny enough, both with father Maciel and Father Corapi, I felt the same way. I don't feel that way with Dolan though. When I read/watch/listen to him, it seems he is still aware he is very much a work in progress. I think if you know that, you are okay. One of my favorite things he said was he is learning from the example of pope francis. He was talking about all his handlers, and people who open doors for him, and how NYC treats him...and sometimes how he forgets he is suppose to witness humility, and it's a good reminder for him. Anyway. Feel ya, but don't feel the same.

    2. I really do love Cardinal Dolan as himself! I don't like the way other people act about him, which colors how I see him since I'm not buds with him or anything. I also worry for him since he is mega social and does like finer things. I can't fault him for it, but it scares me. I love his response to Pope Francis because it is very humble.

  2. Mary, I've been reading and loving your blog for quite a while now, but have finally gotten around to getting a fancy name and "following" and all that stuff so I feel like an official reader. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I LOVE reading what you write. It's been fun to do a one sided "catch up" back from the days of the Young Adult group at SJN. Chad laughs at me because I'm always saying "listen to what Mary wrote"! You crack me up. I love hearing about your faith, your boys, and your marriage. Keep up the great work!

    1. Karen- that was an AWESOME message! Remember that little prayer group we had for renew? I remember meeting at Mike's condo on Sundays :) How is your family? I know you have a couple kids huh? are you guys still in Ypsilanti?

    2. Just kidding, I don't think you ever lived in ypsilanti- I think Chad taught there right? Anyway- I'd love to catch up to what's going on in your life as well :)

  3. This post made me smile a lot :) <--- see, smile? Do you think Mars could ask his bestie if the Cardinal will be in Rome whilst we are there and wants to give a super adorable little boy from Buffalo his First Communion? He could hook us up, right?

    Also, hope everyone is better stat. I've always let the fevers do their thing (unless it was night time and it was disrupting sleep or too high) and it seems to fight the sickness quicker. Sick babies are so sad.