Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes.

--- 1 ---
Aaron and I went to Washington DC last  year with the kids (2 of them walking around, one of them in utero).  Aaron remarked it would be fun to do a tour of the White House.  I said, ‘no thanks’.  Aaron then asked me if I would like to meet President Barack Obama.  And I said, ‘never’.  Really meaning those words. I would have no interest in meeting him. No interest in shaking his hand.  No interest in exchanging pleasantries.  At this time last year, if he walked up to me in the street- I would walk by him. No joke.  Then, I watched the footage of Pope Francis embracing and dialoguing with the President of the United States, and once again, through his actions, he was teaching, teaching me.  Hopefully, after that witness, if I ever met the POTUS, I’d invite him in for a coffee… I wouldn’t declare all the things he was doing wrong, but maybe I’d ask him how his family is doing. More than ever, I am being convicted that we change things by the way we witness a God who loves.  
--- 2 ---
I saw this meme this week. It taught me.

--- 3 ---
 I am an ‘official’ SAHM mom now.  What did it?  The staying home? The being puked on?  The regular schedule of household chores? Nope.  I made my very first batch of chocolate chip cookies with the boys from scratch. I know, I know, permanent rock star status.
ignore the creepy face
--- 4 ---
So, remember when I wrote THIS BLOG about social media and young people?  How I plan to parent through it?  Well, a priest friend of mine posted THIS ARTICLE and got me freaking the freak right out.  You see, I am pretty darn positive that I will be able to navigate my kids through the digital highways in a healthy way. I’m so convicted that I spend a great deal of time presenting to teens/parents about how to properly use this tool.  But other kids???  Well that scares the smack out of me.  The kids my kids will run into/associate with/etc… kids a few years old who have been exposed to pornography in graphic ways.  I think, from working with teenagers in a ministry-type of way, I was already hyper paranoid about abuse of any kind. I constantly think of strategies  to  protect my children from predators (I know- but it’s true).  How the heck can I protect my kids from the danger of other kids?  How can I protect them from the innocence-shattering ways of technology that OTHER kids will expose them to?  No, seriously, I am asking…how?  Tell me; teach me, I am all ears.  
--- 5 ---
You.guys. The Walking Dead. I am so nervous for Sunday night. Like whoa!  I have read some theories and some spoilers and lemme just say, if they go where I think they might go, I am just not sure I can handle it. I mean...look at RICK'S FACE?!?!?!?
--- 6 ---
In completely different news. The blender continues to change our lives.  Who knew how easy it'd be to get our kids to eat spinach? We have been doing a smoothie a day, and we do it in the afternoon...when everyone needs a pick me up.  Let's just say...game.changer.
--- 7 ---
Wanna see what Joy looks like?

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  1. I'm not even watching TWD right now - I have to wait for Netflix - but YES! I am SO curious about what will happen. eek!

    1. Yeah...we are so sad it is almost over for the season, but I am VERY convinced Sunday is going to be quite the ride.

  2. #4 God help us. These poor children. I want to scream at these parents for being such idiots, you know?? Who in their right mind puts a computer in the bedroom or lets them have smartphones? I don't get it at all. I hope you get more help in the comments because I'd like to hear what others have to say about your question.

    1. That's the thing Mary...like- I want to strangle the parents. That is why I am ever more convinced the more I can talk to parents...the better. BUT STILL, I am terrified about what other kids will expose my kids to. I have always been, but reading that article, it just became so much worse :(

  3. I don't have a clear cut solution either Mary. Adeline's sleepovers (we've stopped those) have resulted in unsupervised YouTube searches (just recently I looked up a Christian song and the suggestions on the sidebar were nothing short of pornographic) and unlimited Internet access from her friends who have all the tech stuff at these sleepovers. Did you read how I already had to have the Birds and Bees talk with her thanks to the stuff her friends have already been exposed to? It's a real battle out there for their innocence! Scary!