Friday, March 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes- um, I have a blender edition!

--- 1 ---
So, I joined a MOPS group. And it is awesome.  It’s funny, but with the three under three reality, I shy away from most ‘groups’ or ‘plans’.  Things like story time, or field trips, are just not practical for my family in this season.  Also, in general, if I have a late retreat/workshop/presentation on a weeknight, I am fairly intentional about NOT scheduling anything the next day- for sanity purposes.  So this week, I actually considered not going to MOPS.  We had pretty significant plans everyday and I facilitated a retreat on Wednesday night so I didn't get home until 10:00 pm.  But I was organized/planned well and made it happen.  It's completely worth it to make it happen.  Loved every moment.  :) 
--- 2 ---
visual aid in case you are unclear as to what a blender looks like
Saturday night we had some people over to our house for St. Patrick's day. It was all around good times but perhaps the best moment, was when my homies figured out the blender and food processor I had on the top of our fridge, actually worked, as opposed to being broken as I thought they were.  Um- AWESOME-SAUCE!  So, this week I have been making smoothies- throwing in handfuls of spinach for the children.  Here was little Aaron's review, 'mom, kids love this!'.  Also, I am thinking I would like to be creative with the food processor. I remember my Rachel Ray (she's my pretend friend) used to make a lot of recipes with it.  Any suggestions?
--- 3 ---
Some of you know, my dear husband has been doing 'crossfit' for the past few months. I am not a fan.  I am not a fan in that it is SUPER expensive, SUPER time consuming, and kind of like this creepy little cult where they refer to themselves as a 'family' etc... so, this next part is going to come as as surprise (and don't tell my husband).  Right now, they are doing something called the 'crossfit games' where a workout is announced live every Thursday night, then the 'fam' has three days to complete it with the best time/reps/etc...Anyway, it's an exciting time for these freaks.  So, Aaron has roped me into watching these announcements live online.  And, lemme just say (this is the part you can't tell Aaron). It's kind of exciting.  They announce them and then you get to watch two athletes perform them.  It's pretty amazing what they are capable of doing, and I am kind of starting to look forward to Thursday nights!  RIGHT!?!?  Plus, it is a work out Aaron loves, loves enough to get up some mornings at 4:30 am to hit up the gym before work.  So, I suck it up and try to be supportive.  
--- 4 ---
What isn't full of awesome is Aaron leaving for a workout at 4:30 am and then sending a text at
5:00 am to let me know he has hit a Michigan crater and is waiting for someone to come help him fix it (on the highway).  Then, calls at 6:00 am to share the help didn't help and he has to leave his car and needs a ride home.  SO...that means collecting kids and packing them in the car to go pick up their father.  What a morning!  You guys!  This has NOT been our winter for car stuff.  Between tickets, accidents, repairs and tire issues, we have been out so much cash! :( WAAAAHHHHH  Notice you haven't seen a basement re-model update in awhile. Now you have your answer as to why.
faces at 6:00 in the morning
--- 5 ---
Ready for some mom of the year shiznatch?  Here ya go!
why yes, you are looking at a picture of a race car made of a diaper box

ride joey ride!!!

Nothin' a little cookie cutter can't make fancy
--- 6 ---
I have shared her blog before, but one of my girlfriends from college has the gift of writing and does an excellent job telling the story of her family (which includes her sweet youngest baby girl who has Downs Syndrome).   You know how using the r-word is a really bad thing and people need to stop using it?  Yeah, well B wrote an AWESOME blog about that and other things. Kind of blew my mind. You should READ IT!  Also, she lets her youngest son have a snake, and feeds it live mice. I know. Um...no words.
--- 7 ---
CUTENESS coming your way.
Sweatshirts courtesy of our favorite cousin Judy


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  1. First, you had me dying when you called crossfit creepy and how "those freaks get excited about the games..." Mary, you're funny! And those are some adorable leprechauns.

    Love the diaper box race car, you rock!

    What? What happened on The Walking Dead, we are on a Lenten hiatus. Now I'm kicking myself for not watching but then there's always Sunday...