Saturday, March 1, 2014

Today's blog...

...will be short. let's not lie, I'm only writing it because I agreed to write seven blogs in seven days with jen's link up at Conversion Diary.

I thought about doing a thing where I talk about all the blogs I read. But that would take a long time, because I'd have to add links and everything.

I thought about telling you about my favorite tv shows.  But, honestly, Downton's finale was kind of dumb, and I am not sure you want to hear about zombies or housewives.

I thought about writing about social media for elementary and middle school students. BUT- that one's still marinating.

So, I guess you just get this.  a blog about the things I thought about blogging about.  And maybe, as a treat, I will tell you about my color splotch theory.

Imagine if every time you sinned, you'd get a splotch on your face.  And those splotches would be universally color coated, so we would know the sins of everyone else. I think I'd be far less likely to sin, or at the very least- VERY aware of my sinfulness.  I would REALLY worry about what other people thought about me.

kind of sad right?
Because, you know, we have a God that loves us and who knows every time we fail and every time we do good.  And, for me at least, it's less motivation to do good, than if other people could see me.

You know the drill.

work in progress.

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  1. I like your color splotch theory, but I think even more than motivating me to sin less (which it would), it would also show us that we are ALL sinners. Many judgey judger's mouths would get zipped. right. up. if they weren't able to deputize themselves the "your sins are worse than mine" police. Love this idea. Get on that Lord.