Friday, May 2, 2014

7 Quick takes in which I tell you why I don't read (hint-housewives)

--- 1 ---
Confession. I don't really read books. I used to. A lot. But, since having the three in three, it's just been too hard to gather the concentration for all the words. Plus (get your stones ready), if I did read books, it would probably cut into my housewife time... And "ain't nobody got time for that". So like 99% of the time,  when the interwebs go all freaky for the newest book by a Catholic blogger- basically I ignore it. The only exception was "The Sinners Guide to NFP" and that was only because of the whole three c-sections in 3.5 years thing.  

This is all to tell you, I've pretty much glanced over all the buzz about a new book called, "Something Other Than God" by Jen Fulwiler. Well, until I watched the trailer.  Even that, with all those famous Catholic faces, I was pretty indifferent to, until the end, when this quote was shared.

"And out of that hopeless attempt has come nearly all that we call human history—money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes, empires, slavery—the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.”

Oh. Snap. Tell me how it's possible that I would have studied Theology for 4 years, worked in ministry for close to 15 years, have a self-proclaimed love for C.S. Lewis... And yet don't remember this quote?

It spoke to me enough that I just may, indeed, forgo a bit of my housewives, pick up this book by our fancy "7 Quick Takes" host, and give 'er a read
--- 2 ---
You know I am not one to regularly get down on teenagers and the younger generation. But I have been stunned in the last couple of weeks as I have watched the reality of "it doesn't matter what truth is, it matters what I feel" play out in many circumstances in my life. The damages caused by the crippling lies of modern popular philosophy are starting to be felt concretely. And.it.is.terrifying.   That is all I have to say about that.
--- 3 ---
Watch this movie. Right now. It will be game-changing if you have ever wondered what the Catholic Church teaches about homosexuality, or, if you've ever heard it explained poorly. Game.changing. Also, if any of you lovely blog readers are part of the private Catholic woman's group Theotokos, on Facebook, which allowed bigoted philosophies to thrive regarding this teaching... Please post it there (as I have been blocked- not that I'm bitter)
--- 4 ---
I am always learning my kids. I continue to learn just how many snuggles my Joey needs to be in a good mood and head space. The kid's love language is definitely physical touch and I need to remind myself of that when he is riding the struggle bus
--- 5 ---
I joined weight watchers! One of my very good girlfriends is doing it with me, more as a favor to me, than a need for her (super grateful). The weight thing, after the babies, has gotten a bit out of control, and i need something a little more intentional than "healthy living" with a little more accountability. Anyone who's done it got any tips?
--- 6 ---
Some of you who have been to workshops or presentations of BOLD MINISTRIES  know I always joke about, "making it rain" hand-outs and candy. Then, I talk about reclaiming the term for Christ. Anyway, last night, I was speaking at an all girl's high school retreat and one of my co-workers came up to me and said (because I forgot) "you should make it rain candy"! And I laughed. A lot. Maybe you had to be there...
--- 7 ---
Sunday marks my last talk/presentation till June. I'm looking forward to the break and the epic plans that Aaron (the husband) will surely have for Mother's Day and my birthday :)

For more Quick Takes and to check out the fancy pants writer of the book mentioned above, visit Conversion Diary!


  1. I am really curious about this Theotokos group! I want to join as kind of a spy as see what kind of stuff they are putting out there...

    1. Okay, so I am going to attempt to be fair. The group itself has over 1000 members. IT is mostly just Catholic moms asking for advice, which is all well and good. My issue is, anytime someone posts about homosexuality, it almost always got weird. Like I said, words like, 'unnatural' 'disgusting' 'different than all other sin'. I think the straw for me was when this woman was like, 'I'm sorry, are you actually trying to act like homosexuality is not unnatural'. And ,I almost lost it. That, and a woman very directly saying how nice it was that we could 'express ourselves freely' in this closed group (aka- horribly). The shame was that myself, and sisters were blocked from the group when flagging how shameful the behavior was. BUT, the shameful behavior was not flagged :( SUCKED. I am obviously moving past it, it's just taking awhile! lol.

  2. Watched the video. Awesome. I should probably wait to comment just to come up with a better word to describe it, but I'm not going to. Thanks for sharing Mary!

    1. LOL! I am the biggest over-user of the word awesome, which is, you know, awesome.

  3. That video has come recommended to me from several sources...Guess it must be worth checking it out! Haha! Thanks for the link! Saved me some googling!

  4. That video is incredible. Incredible. I'm so glad they did it and I hope it goes viral.

    Is it bad that I'm kinda laughing that you were banned from that group? Always causing the trouble, Mrs. W. I'm a part of it but don't really go on the FB feed so I'm out of the loop. That sucks...they always seemed like a great group.

  5. Hey Mary - I've done Weight watchers and my number one tip is to be completely honest with yourself (and the app) about food and drinks you have. Alcohol, or larger portions of food, is what I have to be honest about. Otherwise, if you stick to it, you will see changes! :) - Beth

  6. Wow. Loved the video. Such an incredible way of explaining Church teaching. I myself have wondered why the Church calls same sex attraction "disordered"---it seemed kind of harsh. But now it makes sense! We all have disordered desires, just different ones. Once again, loved the video. Thanks so much for sharing it.