Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Catholics are weird. We have a history and a depth to our faith that stuns me when I take the time to think about it.  BUT we are also really REALLY weird.  Maybe not to those of us that are on the ‘in’ but to those of us who are not catechized, or not part of this faith, man, we are weird.

I was watching St. John Paul and St. John XXIII’s canonizations on TV a couple weekends ago.  You guys, it was SO LOVELY.  My John Paul got up in the middle of the night, so he and I were able to watch it together, just the two of us.  I watched with tears and in joy.  How special those two popes were to our Church.  How fantastic they were declared saints in heaven! However, if you are a person of faith and not Catholic, you probably thought to yourself, ‘Catholics are weird’. 

I watched, at one point as the relics were brought up in a ceremonious manner, a vial of blood and a piece of skin.  For one hot second I thought to myself, ‘wow, I wonder what people who are not Catholic (or Catholic for that matter) are thinking about this little gem’.  My heart rejoiced when the person narrating explained Catholics have a deep respect not only for the soul, but for the body.  The narrator explained Catholics believe the body to be good and even holy.  When we look at our saints, many who are incorruptible (you know, their bodies DO NOT DECOMPOSE?!?!?!)- We celebrate who they were in their bodily form.  It’s so cool. It’s so complete.  But, to those outside of our theology, it’s probably weird as heck.

Weird like…
When we appear to be oppressive regarding sexuality…
and yet, we have an entire Theology written and believed about how fantastically cool the sexual act is. 
When we appear to be a Church of ridiculous riches…
and yet, we do more for the poor than any other organization in the world.
When we appear to be a Church lacking in an understanding of Scripture…
and yet on a weekly/daily basis we read more Scripture than most in our Liturgy.
When we appear to be a Church lacking focus on a relationship with Christ
and yet, we claim to be so intrinsically tied to him that we CONSUME him on a weekly basis.
When we appear to be a Church sometimes out of touch with reality
and yet, the letters/documents/encyclicals coming out of Rome are often far before their time in the understanding of the human person

And there are many, MANY  more examples.

A couple months ago I was hanging out with a group of friends.  They didn't know I was Catholic.  The topic of religion came up and the comments started.
One guy said, “oh, I used to be Catholic and then I found Jesus”.

Another friend shared, “Oh, I obviously had a messed up understanding of who God was, because I was Catholic”

One last man said, “I am a recovering Catholic, thank goodness I am finally beginning to know Christ”

You know, at first I wanted to be mad.  “That’s not my faith you are talking about”.   After prayer though, I had to admit I was actually just really sad.  Unfortunately, often times, people encounter Catholics and see nothing but the weird, because of HOW we choose to act and WHAT we choose to say.  This past year, I can feel God pulling me more and more away from that.  You see, my words will not mean anything, unless my joy and invitation come first.

So, do YOU think we are weird?  Chances are…you’re probably right, but maybe for a different reason than you think.  And here’s my invitation.  If you read this blog and you ever have a question about faith/’the Catholics’/things you have heard or things you disagree with- please feel free to ask me. I will answer you or do my best to get you the answer!

Because honestly, we might seem weird- but once you get to know us, we are actually pretty normal (vials of blood and all!)


  1. LOVE this....and our vials of blood too ;)

  2. I think we're totally weird. Weird and fun and beautiful. I think it's the most authentically human religion because of it, if you know what I mean.

    Also, did you say anything about how you are Catholic AND you know/love Jesus? I'd love to hear how that conversation went because I've been there too and if you have any tips...

  3. I knew I had to become Catholic because I was already weird...lol no seriously the last part of this post was good to read.