Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Five Favorites- Mother's Day Surprise Edition

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Mother's Day began Saturday...we were going on an adventure.

Getting in the car with Aaron's announcement of a 'surprise' trip.  That surprise started with a 3.5 hour car ride which was unexpected. Now, if you have lots of littles, you might know an unequipped 3.5 hour road trip is a recipe for disaster.  And so, after 1.5 hours I got cranky. And at 2 hours I had it.  BUT at about the had it moment, cars came to a rushing stop on the highway, which caused my 'not totally clicked in backseat seat' to click out. And I went flying, hitting both my head and my arm so hard I started crying.  THEN I was pissed and let Aaron know it.
Fakin' it till we make it
The car was filled with a special kind of tension on my Mother's Day surprise trip.  BUT, then 'Kiss From A Rose' by Seal came on the radio.  If you are not familiar with the song, it is the worst song in the history of songs.  It gives me a headache and makes my ears bleed simultaneously.  The trip journey was so ridiculous, Aaron and I both burst out laughing.  Then I wasn't cranky anymore and I gave the boys a slice of pizza.  We laughed and it was my first favorite part of the day.
Better Moods

Aaron surprised us with a trip to the Frederick Meijer Gardens and  Sculpture Garden in Grand Rapids, complete with a picnic lunch.  The picnic lunch was my favorite.  Shrimp Ceviche on Cucumber slices with avocado!  Heaven.  It was my second favorite part of the day.
Dad is a chef


It was so delicious


So happy together...

The Frederick Meijer Garden has a great place called the 'Children's Garden'. It is huge and fun and super special.  The cutest thing though?  This little door, just for kids.  It was my third favorite part of the day.
If the adorable isn't just about melting your heart, you are not human

Following his brother

Watching the boys play with boats, sand, and have a tea part with their dad was my fourth favorite part of the day.
brothers and best friends...sometimes ;)

Help me!

His Cheese face, what are you gonna do?

Love that boy

Pouring tea

drinking tea

For serious...who needs a girl?

My fifth favorite part of the day was walking around the Sculpture Garden with the boys and lil' Aaron's constant questions of, 'what's that mama?'.
um, so none of my children are looking at the camera #daddypic

What a guy!

it's a big horse

All and all a very successful surprise Mother's Day trip.

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  1. first off--I love that seal song, call me crazy..laughing here

    secondly--that looks like a really neat place. The picture of the 3 boys in the sand brought back memories of when my 3 boys were all little and could fit in a sandbox together. Really sweet pic.

    happy mother's day