Friday, May 9, 2014

7 Quick Takes o' fun

--- 1 ---
My boys were sleeping like this last night...

I mean. It's the best.

--- 2 ---
Aaron and I were planning on going to NYC for his 30th birthday (yes, my peers, my husband is a child).  I have been saving all my 'talk' money to go towards this mini-three day adventure.  But, after looking at our options, it appears a 3 night trip to NYC (doin' it up fancy) would be the same price as an all-inclusive, or a cruise!  We are leaning the all-inclusive way.  Plus, it's August so it is going to be HOT- why not do HOT the way HOT was meant to be done... swim up bars!
--- 3 ---
Aaron has been making ridiculously awesomely delicious meals every single morning and night to reflect his paleo diet.  SO- they are all pretty fantastically healthy as well.  You guys. I tried spaghetti squash last night...and didn't die.  So, that's exciting. 
--- 4 ---
Tomorrow, the husband has set up a fancy 'Mother's Day' day o' fun. I have complicated feelings on Mother's Day- but I pretty psyched for surprises.  I also only asked for a day of bonding with our little family.  Then, at night, I get to go hang out with friends AND a sleep in on Sunday.  Le Sigh...
--- 5 ---
My birthday falls 9 days after Mother's Day.  Aaron was expressing how it isn't really fair that he should have to come up with two celebrations in such a short amount of time.  Aaron was shot a look and words were exchanged. I don't think we will hear anymore about that.
--- 6 ---
I had a sitter scheduled for today in order to attend a meeting for work.  The meeting got canceled, I didn't cancel my sitter :)  I need a new pair of sunglasses and might just do a solo-lunch of sanity.  Question- where do you think the best place to go get a weight watcher friendly lunch?  Not salad. I have ate entirely too much green this week ;)
--- 7 ---
John Paul is at a tough age for me.  He can't sit up without tumbling and he doesn't like to do anything but sit up.  Back in the land of one child, I could handle this phase pretty easily.  BUT, in the land of three children, "ain't nobody got time to pick up the fallin' kid everything three seconds".  Hopefully another week or so and he will master the art of sitting so I can go out about my business (of writing blogs and neglecting children).

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  1. Do you have a bumbo seat for John Paul? I didn't have one until my 3rd child, but we borrowed one from a friend for that very reason!

    1. ah! We do. The issue (you are not going to believe this) he is SO big that he doesn't fit in it. He is wearing size 18 clothes and his height/chubby legs just can't/won't do the bumbo safely.

  2. Happy Early Birthday!
    Maybe Panera ~ wherever you go; Enjoy!!

  3. Applebee's has points listed for some of their menu items.

  4. Panera is an excellent choice for a solo lunch. Have you tried a Boppy? That's what I used when my youngest was learning how to sit up. And I have a May birthday too, happy (early) birthday!