Friday, May 16, 2014

7 Quick Takes written at the crack o' dawn

--- 1 ---
Now seems like a good time to remind all of my fancy blog readers I have absolutely zero writing skills. When I began the blog, I noted that though I was excited to write our family's history (it evolved to more), I was well aware that basic English writing rules escape me.  It ALMOST kept me from writing a blog to begin with, but decided to forge ahead.  Somehow I slipped through the cracks of the Public Education System and College without taking one.single.english.writing.course!  A dear friend once read a paper of mine in college and said, "I can't believe they let you in college".  A professor once wrote on my paper, "this is not a speech, you cannot write the way you talk". I say all of this, because I know my blog must drive those of you who DO write good (see what I did there?) CRAZY.  So, thanks for sticking with me, and not correcting me or my million typos/writing mistakes.  It's REALLY not worth it at this point.
--- 2 ---
I have something to say that is apparently controversial these days. I don't think there is anything wrong with encouraging women to dress modestly both for the sake of their inherent beauty and dignity AND to help others in their struggle to fight against the norm of objectification.  I also think, to believe the latter does not, in any way, support a rape culture.
--- 3 ---
Our local Church, St. Robert Bellermine, has their annual festival this weekend.  We brought the boys last night, and will bring them again this weekend.  Wanna see two pictures?  Ok.  
This was before the ride began, note Aaron's wide smile.

This was when a ride was moving...note Aaron's extreme caution.  Remember what I told you about the horse, caution and no caution....see?!?!?!
--- 4 ---
Final MOPS was this week. It was pretty life-changing this year.  I needed a very a very safe and easy avenue of socialization during this cold, snowy winter with three littles.   MOPS was a little gift from the baby Jesus.  I am thankful.
--- 5 ---
Wanna know a weird Mary Wilkerson fact?  Ready?  I disagree with almost everything she says, but I love me some Rosie O'Donnell.  Enough that I check her website at least once a month to read her Question/Answer with fans.  Weird right?  I know.
--- 6 ---
Remember when I told you about NYC for Aaron's 30th birthday?  We are not doing that anymore.  I tell a lot of lies.  INSTEAD, we are looking at an all-inclusive weekend in Mexico :)  I know!  We gotten some great suggestions, want to give us more?  
--- 7 ---
John Paul is sitting up like a rockstar now.  It's that perfect time, right before crawling when we have to put back up the baby gates and keep all doors shut again.  Also, he is super cute.

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  1. My writing is like yours imo. Except I was an English major and I did well in college. The thing is--this is conversational writing to me. It's not a thesis or report or essay etc...I think blogs are mom speak and are supposed to be the way you talk. I think you write fine. Of course this is coming from a person whose writing is also off-kilter. My main problem is spelling. I have always been a bad speller.

  2. #1- Totally with you on that one. While I know I have a good grasp on the English language in written form, you would never know it by any of my blog posts!! I make so many errors, it is embarassing!

  3. Sounds like you've upgraded your trip. Not sure how you're managing either one of those but I'm very happy for you! :)

  4. Ha, number 2! People get pretty riled up about this stuff, don't they? I don't get it. Ladies, let's be respectful of the men-folk and men-folk, let's be respectful of the ladies. The end.

    I like the way you write because it IS like the way you talk and it feels more conversational. I'm bad at that. I think I write too MUCH like I'm writing a high school essay. But how did you get out of school without one writing class? #homeschoolvalidation

    Also, who goes to Mexico for a weekend? I've never heard of such a thing! Do people do that? I mean, don't you spend most of the time traveling and then have like one day actually there? I am quite intrigued.

  5. John Paul's little face and cheeks are too.much. what a cutie pie!!