Thursday, October 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes in which I end with a bit of sass

Big A and I had a fancy date night last Friday.  As you all know, I love me some date nights.  We went to a fundraiser for one of our very favorite charities, 'Mary's Mantle'.  It began with Mass (sorry my dear children, it was flippin' fantastic to celebrate Mass AND be able to pay attention) and then dinner with drinks, followed by a Silent Auction.  But, the fun didn't stop there.  After that event, we went to our friend's Halloween Party and got to live it up with peers.  All and all, an awesome night.
The husband and I lookin' all sorts of hot!

On Monday, I took the eldest son out on an errand trip with me, which I disguised as a date because we went to McDonalds first.  Lil' Aaron was being as sweet as can be.  A woman stopped me and said something to the effect of, 'he is such a good kid, you are clearly a fantastic mom, doing a great job'.  I, of course, responded she should come by my house around bedtime and she might wanna re-evaluate that statement.  BUT, truthfully, it made me feel so good.  He was being awesome, said his prayers before eating, please/thank yous and conversed with me all through dinner.  It's just good to know that we aren't that far off track.
So, exciting stuff 'round these parts,  c-section moms will TOTALLY relate. I am finally wearing regular pants!  WOOT WOOT!!! Complete with buttons and zippers.  You see, this time it was taking forever to feel healed enough for anything but sweats (is this TMI????).  Graduating to big girl pants is a huge postpartum accomplishment, and I am glad I am finally there in recovery!
We got new couches!!!  We got new couches!!!  We got new couches!!!
Faithful readers, our couches were awful.  We bought them because we thought we were hip and cool, but they were pretty much the most uncomfortable couches ever.  Then, about a year ago, one of the cushions tore, and it wasn't normal size for a slip cover, and I am not a sew-er...so, naturally, we put duct tape on it.   Anyway, it has been a source of embarrassment of mine when people come over (I know I know, #firstworldproblems).  So, I am super pleased. We are having a couch coming out/football party on Saturday, can't wait!
Look how fancy!
"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"- have you guys seen that movie?  It was so good, but I have never in my life watched a sadder flick.  There is this point in the movie where the child's pain is so well-acted and so 'real' I could barely handle it.  Children's pain, especially emotional, is so tough for me to grapple with.  I was crying so hard I wasn't sure I could complete the movie.  After, I naturally went and gathered up all three of my boys and brought them into bed with us.  We are the opposite of co-sleepers, to the point where our kiddos actually ask to go back to their beds with the lights out when I try to get them to stay with us.  Anyway, I forced them into midnight cuddles and it made my 'movie-broken-heart' heal.  Rent the movie, but know, it will hurt.
Don't they looked pleased to be in the 'Big Bed'?
Halloween. was. awesome. Look!  Screw the rain, we braved it and had a blast!  Check out my superheroes!

Obamacare is terrifying.  Every.single.person in this country should be terrified of the government overstretch happening currently.  Every American, regardless of whether personally benefitting form this law or not, should take a moment's pause and consider what the government mandating these things means to our freedom. I am not a tea-party supporter. I am not a crazy republican. I do not watch Fox news and I don't post crazy stuff on facebook and other social networking sites.  So, don't put me in that box.  But, mark my words, what the current administration has done with this law should have ALL of us concerned about personal liberty.  As we watch the healthcare system fall apart, and our premiums skyrocket, then the government slowly start forcing other things upon us, I truly believe that THIS LAW will be the tipping point we reflect on.  This law will be the one remembered in history as the moment in time when things changed, and NOT for the better.  Call me reactionary if you must, I'll accept it and then cuddle my family and watch- because honestly, I feel like there is nothing left to do.

And on that note, have a great weekend!

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  1. OH.MY.GOSH!!!! the CUTEST superheros EVA!!!!!

    love the date night - so glad you can get some of those in.

    Love the couches - can relate, we just got some new ones this weekend (well, hand-me-downs, but with no rips!)

    Um, number 7: yeah, am right there with you. Scary stuff, we will keep praying with you

    Have a blessed weekend, my friend

  2. Check out my 7qts--my husband's picture is there in his Halloween costume. He went as Obamacare.