Sunday, October 20, 2013

My, how life...

...has changed.

Aaron and I, about a month ago, started talking about the real possibility of going to Rome for the Canonization of John Paul the Second.  Now, if you know anything about me, you know a few things.  1) I love me some John Paul 2) I love me some travel 3) I love me some adventure.

After figuring out that we really would have the finances to do this fantastic trip, I was so very excited. And yet, something was sitting uncomfortably with me.  The trip would be a LOT of money for a very short amount of time.  We would have to leave our very small children for several days and travel VERY far away from them. I have no probs leaving the kids, we do it often-ish...but we are always close, an ocean away is not close.  Last night we came to a decision, although we COULD go to Rome to see one of the greatest influences in my life be declared a saint, we knew in our hearts, we shouldn't.
If you'd have asked me three years ago if I'd ever turn down a trip to Rome, a trip to Rome to see John Paul II canonized....I would have answered, 'not in my wildest dreams'.

My, how my life has changed.

This weekend, we finally had  NOTHING to do.  On Friday night, we had a movie night with the boys.  We ordered a pizza and they got to eat watching a Halloween special.  Then, we snuggled under covers.  It was AWESOME. And then, on Saturday, we declared a quasi pajama day.

This Fall, I MAY have scheduled entirely too many things, given that I had my third c-section in 2.5 years.  BOLD MINISTRIES is going fabulous and I love it, but it has made the weekends a bit on the busy side.  SO, having a Saturday with NOTHING to do felt so good. It even physically felt good.   Tensions that I had been carrying without even knowing loosened a bit.  Aaron let me sleep in until 9:15 am (yes, you read that right, and NO, I can't remember the last time that happened) We poked around in the morning and then went to Confession around noon.  Our little family watched some 'shows' and then some football.  My in-laws came over and we had a really nice visit, just sitting around and talking.  The boys went to bed and we watched a little Tigers.  I got to drink me some ice-cold Bud Lights in fancy bottles.  It was really one of those perfect days.  The weather was cold and cloudy (which is my favorite) and I just felt very cozy and protected with my little family.

Aaron and I keep saying to ourselves, 'we can't believe we have three kids'.

It is so ridiculous...and so fantastic
It is so exhausting...and there are so many blessings
It is so chaotic...and filled with so many laughs
We get SO little sleep...but our days are filled with SO many cuddles.

Although Rome might not be in the cards for 2014...fantastic blessings with laughs and cuddles are.

And that, my friends, leaves me struggle for words to give thanks to our Great God.

And thinking...My, how life has changed


  1. Dang, I'm sorry you won't be able to do it!! I can't blame you. I don't think we would ever be attempting it in your situation but our kids (I think and hope and pray) will be right at ages where it may not kill us. But I'm predicting it will be a whole lotta "pilgrimage" and not pretty much anything that can be called vacation. We can stow your John Paul away in a suitcase or something if you'd like so he can get a blessing there :)

  2. Love this post Mary! Sorry you cannot go to Rome, but I love everything else about this post and your decision.

  3. Such a hard decision to make I'm sure. I've had that feeling multiple times but seeing the bright side always helps. You made your weekend sound so cozy, makes me wish so bad for cooler weather.

  4. So proud of you for follwing the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Soooo, totally off topic, but I have to share...soo, I recently bought several books that featured African-American families as the main characters. Yesterday, Damian woke from his nap and climbed in my lap. He was still sleepy and a little whiney. He started asking me, "Mommy, can I be black when I grow up?" Hmmm...I think you all will need to crank out a daughter before to long so we can arrange another Wilkerson-Coakley wedding (you know beside the one between Caeli and one of those incredibly handsome sons of yours)!