Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Talk to Me Tuesday...

... Because we all need a little advice.

Today is my Blessed John Paul's feast day. I know everyone and their mom has a John Paul, but I'm so glad we didn't let that stop us. My youngest carries the name of a strong saint, and tonight the three of us (along with all other saints and angels) got to celebrate Mass together. It was an awesome gift and so nice to be able to share this special feast for the first time with my son.

Can I tell you about a prayer experience I had the other night? I was at an event (The New Pentecost Movement) with adoration. I was talking to Jesus and it was so nice. I asked him "am I doing it right?" And he gently and not surprisingly answered "no". Throughout the course of our chat, (private revelation) He reminded me that the most important thing is our relationship...Him and I and he made it clear, that needs more time dedicated to it. Now, before you get nervous, don't worry...I know the big man loves me and rewards the efforts I do make through being a mom, but I also know, in a lot of ways, I've made him the last of my priorities.... And so, TALK TO ME...

If you are a mom, or a dad, or a spouse, or a single person with a really full plate...

What concrete ways do you pray? When do you talk to God? What form of prayer makes you feel closest? Gives Him most praise? Works in your busy life? What are your "best prayer practices"? Hook a sister up

But, just know. Early morning prayer is not gonna work for me:)


  1. can I say - looking forward to the comments!
    I get weekly Adoration at the church about 8 minutes from me (for about 3 years I had to travel 30 minutes each way for my weekly Adoration) and that is about it for the formal stuff. No matter, I do not seem to be able to give God the time I need. I get up with the crew and get to bed with my crew and don't seem to be able to find a daily time to sit and chat. Looking to see what others have come up with.
    blessings for you!

  2. Hey Mary! I, too, need to work on my prayer time. But, one thing I am getting really good at is "red light prayers". Any time I am out and about and get stopped by a red light, I pray. Mostly prayers of thanks, even ridiculous ones like "Thank you for the timing of this light so that I can put my mascara on" or "Thank you for the sunshine to brighten my mood". However, there are days they get deep, and at that point last longer than the red light. I find myself so crazy busy on such a regular basis, that red lights have become a good reminder to stop and set my priorities in order, if only for a minute. Hope this helps! (Sorry if this doesn't sound coherent, I have been up for 18 hours on only like 2 hours of sleep.)

  3. Mary, I've started getting up 30 minutes early before I start getting ready for work...I know that may be hard with littles running around, but maybe for you prayer would be good at time?
    One thing that I have started doing is going over everything on my agenda that day with God, and then asking Him what do you think? Should I do something different? That way I let God in my day and am a little less a control freak then the day before ;)

  4. Pray with the babies around. They see you talking to God and they carry it with them. I don't do this as often as I should but when I'm nursing or the kids are just playing around me I start a rosary (rarely finish it) or recite The Guardian Angel prayer.

    I have wanted to try and tape index cards with little prayers on them in places like the kitchen or laundry room.