Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Talk to Me Tuesdays

So, I gotta say, I think probably the coolest thing about this blog (besides recording our family's history) would be the times I have asked for advice from those of you that read it, and you were able to offer me some wisdom.  The most significant, of course, was a couple weeks ago when I pretty much thought I was going to drown taking care of my three in diapers!  A lot of you offered kind words (I am so thankful) and most offered really concrete things I could do to make life more manageable.  I have put into play so many of your suggestions, and (knock on wood) everyday has gotten significantly better.  I am even ready to say we are in a really good groove here at the Wilkerson Casa.  But, I am aware that without some of your suggestions, I'd still be exactly where I was 2.5 weeks ago.  AND SO...I have decided to begin 'Talk to Me Tuesdays'.

On Tuesdays, I'll ask for advice.
I need so much advice about so many different things.  Sometimes it'll be about the kids (but people without kids, I am interested in your thoughts too- in fact, a couple weeks ago, some of those comments were the most valuable), sometimes I'll ask about marriage, or friendships, or faith, or housekeeping...just things in my life that I could use opinions on.

I figure this will be awesome in a couple ways
1) I can learn from people who are wiser than me in different areas.  The more I move through life, the more I realize it's just about community and really learning from others.  Why invent a wheel that is already spinnin' with precision by someone else?
2)  If you need advice in the particular area being discussed, you can follow, or check the comments and learn you some things too!


So- first 'Talk to me Tuesday'

Talk to me about dating...(not only married couples)
Aaron and I were quite intentional in the beginning of our marriage about dating, and I think it is kind of key to a good marriage (maybe you don't, you can tell me about that too).  BUT, each kid we add, makes dating more difficult.  We have kind of fallen into a rut where our monthly going out date nights are a groupon restaurant and then head home. Although I am thankful for the time we have- it'd be fun to do different things, fun things, things that help us continue to get to know each other.

And so, Talk to me...

What are some of your favorite dates in the Metro Detroit area for under $50?   What are some of your favorite date ideas for 'nights in' when you can't find or afford a sitter?  What's the best date you have ever been on?  When have you and your partner had so much fun but you didn't even expect to? What are your best dating practices :)?  



  1. Good idea Mary, I need help in this area too, now that our babysitter is at college! But two fun things we have done in the past are 1) Sitting down and playing a game and 2) Making fondue.

  2. Scott and I used to do "basement dates" when we had a basement. Kids in bed, take out yummy food and a glass of wine plus a movie we missed in the theaters. One of my friends said now that her kids sleep in, she and her husband do morning dates, love that idea. We also host and go to game nights at friends houses, which having lots of laughs with friend does a lot for romance!

    Never take for granted free babysitting! We used to have it and now pay $10/hr, so dating is super tough!

  3. While we still try for an out-of-the house date for birthdays and our anniversary; most of our 'dates' now are dinner and a movie at home. No leftovers and no working unless it is a project we want to do together. We alternate choosing the movie. We aim for a couple Saturdays a month and it has been working well for us.

  4. Since I have never dated, I'm not sure I have much advice in this area, but you are going to hear from me anyway! Some places to consider:
    Creatopia in downtown Plymouth is a fun way to spend time together, and you get to make something you can keep forever. Score!
    D.Vine wines in Livonia for wine tasting. Because, well, why not!?!
    Dream Dinners in Livonia. You get a night out, cooking together and you come home with prepped meals so you don't have to think or cook on those crazy days. It's a win-win.

    Stay at home ideas:
    Get dressed up and order fancy take out.
    Pretend you are on cupcake wars and have a bake off.
    Write and preform a song for each other. This could be really sweet or totally hysterical.
    Find a fun craft (I would consult with Pinterest) and make it.

    That is all I can come up with. Hope it helps! (Also, if you need a babysitter, call me!)

  5. oh - fabulous idea -
    you would think after 24 years of marriage I would have ideas - nope, am looking for some. We STINK at date night. We are usually so tired we veg out with the tv; he sleeps I knit, and then head to bed. We do occassional have a small cribbage war - that is always fun.
    I, too, am looking forward to see what wiser women have to say about this!

  6. We rarely go out. We do put our kids to bed before 8 which allows us a few hours every evening to hang out. We don't have a tv which helps (we do watch movies on the computer) and we often grade papers or read books aloud. But usually we just hang out. Back in the day when all our kids were in strollers our dates were often just long walls pushing strollers.

  7. I've used The Dating Divas website for some date ideas before. They have a lot of free printables and cheap date night ideas: http://www.thedatingdivas.com/

    And one of my coworkers has told me about a lady she knew that would put on special meals for her and her husband. They would feed the kids and send them to bed just a little early. Then she would prepare a meal from a certain country, dress up like someone from that country, and play traditional music from there while they ate.

    But I totally understand that it gets harder with the more kids you have. We have 3, also, and our youngest just turned 1 year old. We don't have any family that lives close, although one time my husband's sister drove 3 hours just to babysit on a Saturday for us so we could go on a date together. Our budget is VERY tight right now, so paying for a babysitter just can't happen. So we try to make do at home.

  8. This is not really a date, but the BEST thing my hubby and I did was we went on an overnight getaway to a bed and breakfast. We were gone for less than 24 hours, but the time seemed to multiply. It was so great to have that time for just us. We have not done that every year or anything, it is a more of, when we think we really need it, but it was amazing!

    We have done what Theresa suggested, put the kiddos to bed early, gotten take out and a red box movie for ourselves and spent time at home together alone. But, I really LOVE just talking with my husband too, so any time we can get away or be at home and have uninterrupted conversations, feels like a date to me!

  9. Scott and I just planned a jail break date! He and I are planning a day when he can meet me at the theater and we can go see Gravity!

  10. My fiance lives in Ann Arbor and we've found there are more date possibilities out that way. I live in Northville...not so much. We love board game date nights, German Park in AA in the summer, and even drove to Canada once just 'cause. We had to drive back that night (not married! hehe), but there was surprisingly more to do there than you might think. We went floating down the Huron River in Ann Arbor once and were shocked by how fun it was! We go all the time now (although way too cold now obviously!) I thought, Huron River? Yuck! But very relaxing and fun!