Friday, October 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes- Lack o' sleep edition

I don’t understand why kids don’t like to sleep more. I mean, I LOVE to sleep. Love it.  And kids, well darn it, the minute their eyes even flicker, they need to hop out of bed.  What is wrong with these little freaks?!?!?
Speaking of sleep.  Check it.  Last night, I spoke at a retreat (it went AWESOME!).  It was about an hour away and after, a couple friends, Big Aaron and I decided to meet up and have a bit of a work meeting/bit of a drink beer and watch the Tigers meeting.  It was so much fun to have  ‘grown up time’ and I am so thankful for my sister who hung out at our house so we were able to.  HOWEVER…as I walked to my car at 10:40 pm (knowing I had about a ½ drive), I thought to myself ‘what the H was I thinking???  I still gotta take care of the baby through the night AND get up in the morning!’.  Sho nuff, it is 6:59 am, I was up all through the night and the big kids were up at 6:00 am. I pretty much feel like Imma die today. Thank you sweet Jesus for giving us the gift of the weekend.
John Paul Francis is going to be a saint this weekend!  What what?!?!  His Baptism is on Sunday and I am so very excited. I am more excited than I remember being with the other kids (and I was excited with them).  He has fantastic godparents in ‘Uncle Mario’ and ‘Auntie Annie’ and several of our friends/family are able to make it.  We also wen the awesome route and decided to host a little party after at a restaurant which means…no work for me!  We are blessed by a great community of family and friends and I am so pumped to welcome John Paul into that community on Sunday J
Lil' A's Baptism

I love this pic from Joey Mike's Baptism

So, the song ‘Brave’ by Sara Bareilles.  Not really sure I know of a better song and I am totally going to use, abuse, and run it into the ground in ministry.  Please click on it and listen if you have not yet heard it.   You're welcome.

Wednesday, Joey and I got to have a bit of bonding time when I was able to take just him out to run some errands.  It’s weird, and I don’t know how many of you have middle children, but I do sometimes feel he gets lost in the shuffle.  It didn't help that for the first nine months of his life he was the most low maintenance kid  I have ever hung out with (and I have hung out with a lot of low maintenance kids).  Anyway, it was super special hanging out with just him.  My sister, Katie, wrote about the importanceof ‘dates’ with her children and mine are old enough to start rocking them out.  On Wednesday, I really saw the value.
My sweet Joey
Photo Courtesy of Russ W
This morning, my husband made the coffee.  Lemme begin by saying, I am so blessed to have a non-coffee-drinker husband who makes me coffee on the 'rough' mornings.  That being said, it kind of tasted like oil because he made it so strong.  I tried to do that thing, where you just add more milk/sugar...but it was to no avail.  Then, I tried to suffer through it.  Until I said, out loud to myself, 'coffee time is entirely too important to have it be screwed up'.  I dumped out his pot and started over.  #bestdecisionever #firstworldproblems #spoiledbrat
And, in conclusion, I do not understand why people hate on the hashtag.  It's awesome.  Because, you like, summarize your thoughts, in funny ways, and begin with a #.  How cool is that?  Answer, super cool.  Stop hatin'

Have a FANTASTIC week!
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  1. Middle children totally get the shaft on a lot. It kinda stinks and it's something I struggle with. So glad you got some date time!
    Also, love that song! That video is pretty great, too!
    Congrats to John Paul!!! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Congrats to John Paul and you all!
    Yay for adult time, kid dates and good coffee!!

  3. I hate the hashtag but I secretly love it and abuse it. Yay for baptisms. It means more militant Catholics in the works :) and yeah I feel you on the staying out late knowing full well there are children that sleep for no mama. #ifeelyourpain. See what I did there?

  4. My middle child is my easy child. She was the youngest for eight years. When her sister came along I realized right away that her sister was different. However, if the baby had the middle one's temperment, she would have gotten lost in the shuffle around here. As it was the baby MAKES us pay attention to her,.