Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Talk to me...

...about snacks!

It's Talk to Me Tuesday again, where I seek your help to answer some of life's questions.  Some are important, some are not.  The point of Talk to Me Tuesday is for me to learn from YOU and YOU to give me suggestions.  AND, if you would like some advice on the same subject, you can read either the facebook comments, or the comments below...so you can learn you some things as well.

So, life's questions...here we go.  Talk to me about Snacks.

With each of my boys, two things have happened.  AND, strangely enough, they have nothing to do with nursing (I have stopped nursing all my boys after a couple weeks).

The first
I get SO HUNGRY.  ALL THE TIME.  I am sure it is a hormonal thing or something, but after having the babies, I wanna eat all the time.  Unfortunately, a lot of times, I choose to eat unhealthy things, which is how I have ended up gaining 10 lbs with each of my boys.  I need to stop the insanity!
The second
This has been slowly happening, but I can say with certainty, I now, officially have a sweet tooth.  This is very bad news :(  I have always loved me some snacks, but I have never craved sweet things (I am more of a salty kind o' girl), until now.  DUDE, I love me some treats at the end o' the day.  Love me some candy, love me some icecream, LOOOOVE me some cookies.  My husband says he has never met someone that needs so many treats :)

We are really trying to get healthy 'round these parts.  Aaron has joined Crossfit, and as of Nov. 1st, I'll be back at the ol' gym.


What are your favorite healthy and quick snacks to eat?  I need some variety, need some quick go-to's that will be healthy, but FILLING (remember, the constant hunger I told you about).  The six small meal thing works for me, so the snacks can be on the bigger side.  What are your favorites?

What do you do to curb your sweet tooth other than snickers, flurries, and chocolate chip cookies? What are some good 'sweet tooth' snacks that won't be horribly unhealthy and aren't disgusting... I'm like a child when it comes to going to far outside the box with things like fruit :) (bananas, apples and strawberries are about as far as I can push myself!).



  1. Oh geez, this is a tough one for me to answer since I'm in that part of pregnancy where I kinda don't care what I eat since I'm huge. BUT, all fruit popsicles do the trick for my sweet tooth at night. I drink a big glass of water before I eat a snack (a lot of times we're actually thirsty and not hungry). I exercise in the afternoon before dinner, when my biggest snack attacks would happen (you can't exactly stuff your face on the elliptical). And the best snacking tip I follow is to eat a protein and a carb together...think apple with peanut butter, blueberries with almonds, strawberries with cheese, etc. Wow, I had a lot to say - sorry!

  2. High protein (and therefore filling) but sweet snacks I love are Greek yogurt with honey (I like the Fage 2% kind that comes in a single serving with a divider, but you could get a big container of yogurt and mix your own honey in) & trail mix (I really like Sunny Cranberry from Target but they have a lot of good kinds)! We also just invested in a Ninja blender that has single serving cups to make smoothies in and if you add some protein powder that works like a charm. Banana, frozen berries, spinach, skim milk and Nutella tastes pretty much like a milkshake (and I am not one to assert that healthy foods taste like dessert...).

  3. Apples with peanut butter and cheddar cheese. Totally fulfilling. I also like to mix raisins and frozen Toll House (not the cheap shit) chocolate chips in a coffee mug and tell myself I'm eating sensible trail mix. Tastes like frozen raisinettes. I also like any fruit dipped in Nutella, but the key is to dispense the Nutella and then put it far, far away lest one become convinced of the convenience of dipping the fruit directly into the jar...

  4. snacks: think combo, like Colleen said: fruit/carb; fruit/protein; carb/protein....

    on our snack rotation are some of the following combos: apple/peanut butter; veggie sticks/hummus (look up recipe for garlic/cashew hummus: yummy and extremely easy to make); hard-boiled egg/grapes; "picky-fruit" ie grapes, berries/cheese; sliced pears drizzled with a bit of honey/slice of brie (double-yum warmed in microwave); pretzels with either cheese or fruit; banana/any nut butter; popcorn/fruit; chips/salsa

    we do snacks in the am and pm. I make plates for everyone (me and 4 youngest) and thats it. If we don't have regular snack time, we graze which means food bill goes up exponencially and the scale numbers for me do as well. ;(

    I find I must write out my menu and include what I am going to have for the am and pm snacks or the above happens. Not pretty! Most of the snack are done ahead of time: hummus, hard-boiled eggs. Some of the others are pre-packaged into snack size bags when the larger bags come home so it is all set and I can just grab a bag and dump it on the plate. We do use little snack size plates my mom had given us - I think they are actually little plastic sushi plates. perfect size for the snack.

    looking forward to some more ideas! Now off to go make the am snack!

    thanks for this question


  5. I am right there with you! Sweet tooth, snacky girl here ;). My go-to's are microwave kettle corn and I also make a mixx that my kids also love (quaker oatmeal squares cereal, dried cranberrries, pistachios or any other nut, and a few m//m's. We also love pomegranate seeds (this is the season).

  6. I know its "bad" but diet soda usually gets rid of my sweet tooth cravings. After the kids go to bed I eat a handful of just chocolate chips--they are very intense and knock that chocolate craving out. I only eat like 10 per night or every other night.

    the snacks I want most and we all eat is salsa and chips or cheese and chips all the time. I really don't think this is bad the salsa is vegetables and the cheese is dairy...how can it be that bad?? Otherwise I eat a TON of hummus. Also love spinach and artichokes warmed up.

    If the snacks are already cut up like vegetables for dips ahead of time its easier. I get the bags of mini carrots and celery sticks.

    You are so hungry because you need those calories after birth. I think the cravings can be worse after having the baby...I was always hungry for months afterwards.

  7. Good question. I will read all the comments next time I sit down to nurse Lucy, but I just wanted to add in my two cents. On the sweet tooth thing, never begin your day with fruit or sugary pastries. It sets you up to crave sugar alllll day. I have bacon and eggs every morning. I wait to have my coffee until "morning snack" time and I just sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup. I am the worst for snacking, but if I force myself to drink an entire glass of water (I'm talking like 10 oz. or more) before I can reach for a snack, I will definitely eat less! And the snack that are the most filling to me always include a protein source...1 or 2 hard boiled eggs, some nuts, lunch meat, peanut butter and celery.